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Slaves Unlimited_(2)

2023-01-22 00:18:42

Sarah held the phone in her left hand with an amused look upon her face as her right hand trailed along the side of the carved wooden armchair in an almost playful manner. Listening intently, she turned in her seat and as she did so the sun spilling through the window behind her glinted against her long dirty blonde hair as it swept across her forehead. She smiled coyly pushing it aside and continued to listen to the person on the other end of the line, she reached forward catching a stray lock between her fingertips, slowly twirling it between them, and a wicked smile slowly appeared upon her face as she continued to listen to the phone. She actually snorted, then laughed, the snort was almost loud enough for the other person to overhear she realized, then friskily replied,” I know what you mean by saying that Jess! I used mine over three times yesterday, and that was right after delivery! Also, I can’t help but honestly say that I couldn’t get enough! It was so fucking unbelievable.” She listened tentatively before answering…, “NO! Really! No way!” her head cocked and a deep dimple appeared on her cheek as she grinned,” Yeah sure. That sounds fun…O.K! See you then!” Hanging up the phone Sarah walked to her master bedroom, her hips swaying as she moved along, a grin slowly started to appear upon her face as she decided what to wear for the night’s festivities. As she moved along her hand snaked down her front almost of its own volition to her dampening pussy and she smiled, as her steps slowly took her across the living room, she checked herself out in the wall-to-wall mirrors adorning both walls. She really couldn’t help but adore herself, even though she was a heavier girl, what was referred to as a plumper, she still had awesome curves. She had a full-bubbled ass that many men had commented on before, and as her gaze moved upwards, she could only smile as her D cup tits bounced along with each step, only making her love herself even more.

As Sarah moved through the house her thoughts dreamily shifted, she hoped that the club would be hopping with guys later on tonight, after she met with Jess of course. Maybe she would be lucky enough to even find one who might go back to a hotel room with her for the night for some blow, a good time, and an easy fuck,…and then she frowned. She remembered her last attempt at bringing a guy to a hotel room for the night, the little fuck had said she was disgusting, and nasty looking, and that he would sooner fuck a pig. She remembered having to go to the ladies room to cry that night, it had hurt to be spoken to in that way, even now, with all of her money and possessions, a lot of men had still turned her down. Sure, most guys would give in if she plied them with enough booze and alcohol, weed, or other assorted drugs. But a lot would refuse saying that she was homely, chunky, or a,” Butter Face“, the list went on and on. She knew she was not what most men referred to as attractive, she was not a model by any means, and frankly, she didn’t give a shit anymore. As for the little fuck from the club that night, she was sure he was pissed when he found all four tires on his pretty little sports car slashed, and his windshield smashed in. She smiled again at the memory as she made her way along the hallway, still observantly checking herself out in the gold framed mirrors. It was quiet a change from the trashy little trailer that she had lived in, “What a shit hole. “, she thought,…but then a lot of things had changed for her after winning the lottery. Like the two million dollar estate that she was currently in. Miles and miles away from any nosey neighbors, and loaded with state of the art security, it was as impregnable as a castle, she giggled out loud, or,…as secure as a prison. She stopped in front of her bedroom door running her hands over her body, fondly closed her eyes and reminisced about the events from the previous night,” Hell!“, she thought,“ She could get laid whenever she wanted to from now on.”, a lustful smile slowly appeared upon her face and she only continued to smile as she entered the code to unlock her bedroom door and anxiously enter it, and approach her bed.

Richards’s eyes were dry from the saltiness of all his tears, and there had been many of them during the night. Especially when the sick fucking pig had told him that he was her,” Sexslave“, he had screamed his denial vehemently into the ballgag, but her only reaction was to laugh at his distress. Deep in his soul Richard could only feel an empty pit beginning to gnaw away at him,” His wife and his daughter whom he loved so very, very much, his auction company. Fuck! His entire life!…how and why was this happening?”, He was desperately trying to figure it all out as the bedroom door slowly opened, and, “She”, stepped through it. He shrank against the vinyl-covered mattress trying to turn his head from her but the three-inch stiff leather and steel padded collar around his neck prevented such movements. It was connected by three thick leather straps to a rigid chest piece strapped tightly around him. His arms were folded to the sides of his ribcage, and held by a flexible rubberized bar that was pushed through his bent arms and behind his back, locking on either side of the bed. Strong leather cuffs were secured to straps circling both his upper thighs and buttocks, keeping his wrists uselessly against them. His balled fists shook with fury in the tight restriction gloves, and he struggled against the thick padded ankle restraints that held his legs spread as “She”, sat on the edge of the bed and smiled at him. He only felt fear and disgust as she looked upon him grinning, then joyously declaring, “I really…,” it sickened him as she rolled her eyes,”…And I must say. Really, Really! Enjoyed myself last night slave…” he watched in disgust as she licked her lips and lay her hands upon his chest, they fell short on either side of the leather belt harness crossed so tightly across his upper torso. It ran from the top corners of the heavy oak bed down along his shoulders and down below the sides of his lower chest and ribcage, to the frame itself holding him quite firmly against the vinyl covered mattress. ”UNNNGGHHHUMMM!!!” his cry was pained and guttural, muffled by the large red rubber ball gag in his mouth, and as he struggled helplessly beneath her touch, he was sickened as she pinched his nipples between her fingers and then laughed while leaning her piggish face forward,” You stupid, stupid, little boy. I would think that after last night’s playtime you would learn that you’re not going anywhere… “. She smiled wickedly at him, “You’re mine now, you’re my property, you fucking belong to me.” he prayed desperately for rescue, and his tears only continued to fall as she released his nipples and slowly stood.

Sarah looked upon her slave and felt her pussy only growing hotter, and wetter. He was an extremely hot man, with a muscled chest and chiseled abs, long dark hair, and vibrant sparkling green eyes, she smiled inwardly as her gaze traveled, “Not to mention his eight inch cock.” When she had seen him as the auctioneer at the auction house where she had bought her weathervane, then at Rizzo’s club, she instantly knew he was the one, and called her sponsor Jess right then and there. She drew her hand free from her pussy and slowly sat upon the mattress, it had taken a good chunk of money along with a bit of planning to make fantasy into reality. However, the connections that her money could now afford her made it all possible it seemed, well not to mention the service Slaves Unlimited. It had caught her attention one day while browsing the internet rape porn sites, something she did frequently, she had been watching one of her favorite scenes on a favorite site of hers. It was of a German woman drugging a male then tying him down tightly for a night of uninterrupted rape and kinky sex, ”Fucking awesome!!! “ she was thinking, when from the corner of her eye she had seen the yellow flashing box which pictured a man and a woman tied to a bed with the words in bold italic beneath, “Why take no for an answer?”. It had caught her attention and she fantasized for a moment and then clicked it, she was surprised as a text box came up with instructions for creating a secure line, then instantly disappeared afterward. With a skeptical heart she routed the contact info through several various servers and came to the main site, Slaves Unlimited. By the end of the night and several hours of video chat later she was convinced enough to give the service a try, illegal though it may be. The terms were simple, find someone that you would love to be your slave, sexual, domestic, or otherwise, and Slaves Unlimited would help procure for you that individual, provide training to the intended owner, beforehand, and during of course, and supply all the necessary tools, toys, and other needed equipment for their slave to enjoy their new life. When her slave tried to flinch from her touch, she had scolded him calling him a stupid little boy, she smiled as she stood and decided what to wear for the night.

Richard tried to scream behind the ballgag in his mouth as the demoness moved from the bed and approached the closet slowly starting to strip her clothing off. Moreover, as she turned to him and smiled, he could only close his eyes and try to convince himself that this wasn’t real, it all had to be a horrible nightmare of some kind or another. He went over in his mind for the thousandth time how this ever could have happened, or was even possibly happening. He and his friends had been to Rizzo’s Club, and it had been really hopping when the four of them had shown up that Friday night, and as usual Joe was the first to buy rounds and start pointing out all the hot younger chicks to them. Rolling his eyes Richard kindly excused himself, and started to wind his way through the crowd, to go to the restroom to call Diana to say he would be late that night. He felt another tear fall as he thought of his wife,” No don’t give in!!” he struggled to remember in hopes that it would help him through this terror. The restrooms only bulb provided little light as he relieved himself then called Diana, he had hung up with his wife and as he turned it was then that he noticed a shadowy figure standing by the urinal. The next thing he knew, he felt a tremendous electric shock in his midsection, it was like being kicked in the stomach by a mule. And as he fell to his knees he saw a pair of legs and dark knee high leather boots, he felt hands much smaller than his own cuff his wrists tightly behind his back and just as he started to scream another pair magically clamped over his mouth tightly, and he felt a sharp prick to his neck and then, “Her” ,disgusting voice,” Nighty Night my new little sexslave!” next to his ear. Soon he was lost to the darkness, he had awoken in the room countless hours ago tied and bound, unable to free himself, and he had been drugged and raped by the sick bitch probably multiple times during the night and early morning, he remembered one or two at least. The thought of which made him want to puke, he strained his eyes to see the clock upon the far wall forgetting it was by the closet. When her rounded backside crossed his field of vision he flinched and wanted to die as she looked his way and smiled cruelly.” Naughty little fuckslave trying to catch another peak of my hot fucking booty, huh?” he instantly felt sickened as she approached the bed. She had dressed in a tight black leather miniskirt, which strained against her thick thighs and rounded ass and barely covered her lower cheeks, the matching leather corset strained against her massive tits and belly as she leaned over him. He started to close his eyes and pray for death, until he felt the harsh slap of her hand to his face, and her ever hungry voice,” If you keep trying to close your eyes I’ll cut your fucking eyelids off!!…do you understand me fuckslave?” he slowly opened his eyes letting his anger and disgust show, but nodded his head in hopes that it would buy him some time.

Sarah smiled as she kissed her slaves neck, she loved that he was sickened by her, but didn’t really care, and it only turned her on more as she then ran her tongue along his neck up to his ear to whisper with a grin, ” Your cock felt so fucking awesome in me last night babe, I bet its going to be even better for me the next time I‘m riding it…..”, letting her words hang Sarah turned with an evil grin and looked at herself in the mirror then turned back to his tear filled eyes,” …I have to go out tonight with a business acquaintance, I expect you to behave yourself and to stay out of trouble..”, She giggled as his eyes filled with even more tears.” I may be late tonight,…but don’t cry baby I’ll make sure you’re entertained while I’m gone. “, turning she picked up her master remote and started the video that she had edited just earlier this morning. It soon flared to life on the wall sized screen. Sarah adjusted her slaves’ collar enough for him to be able to watch his defilement from the previous night, the video opened with her seated in a white plastic chair completely naked and fingering her pussy looking directly into the camera.” Hello my little fuckslave, and welcome to your new life, I can’t imagine that you liked me fucking you the way I did last night, or even the fact that I did fuck you. But I wanted you from the moment I saw you. And I just couldn’t resist myself.”. Sarah giggled as her slave cried, trying to squirm upon the bed beside her, but he was unable to even turn away from the video,”….So I guess that I should tell you. Whatever life you had before…It’s over now..” she watched as his eyes watered up more at this revelation and felt her pussy grow wetter as she listened to her own voice from the speakers,”….from this moment on you are Mine!, your little cock is now my personal plaything and if you don’t like it, well that’s just to fucking bad, I spent a whole lot of money on you,….and I am going to make sure I get my moneys worth out of you…”, Sarah smiled as she listened to her slaves pathetic whine. She slowly rose from the bed continuing to listen to his whimpers as her video continued, turning she locked eyes with him and grinned,” I’ll be back later slave, and when I am we can fuck some more! and I’ll teach you how to please me…you’d like that wouldn’t you?..”, she laughed as her slave trembled and cried at her words , she reached into the closet for her jacket, her grin growing ever wider as she left the room.

Richard watched in disgust as the woman’s face filled the screen and her voice flowed from the speakers on either side of the bed ”….so I guess that I should tell you that whatever life you had before….,It’s over now…..from this moment on you are Mine!, your little cock is now my personal plaything and if you don’t like it, well that’s just to fucking bad, I spent a whole lot of money on you ,….and I am going to make sure I get my moneys worth out of you…”. Richard could only cry as the sick bitch giggled at her own words on the bed beside him ,her icy blue eyes showing no mercy as she rose from the bed as she crossed the room and grabbed her coat from the closet saying to him they would fuck some more later. As the video continued to play on, and she left the room, it was then that he noticed her in the video holding his wallet, pulling his license and pictures from it with a disgusted look upon her piggish face,” So…..since I don’t like the name Richard I think I’ll give you a new one, for now fuckslave will do..”. His tears fell as she held the pictures of his wife and daughter up,”…these are trash since you belong to me now…” he struggled against the bondage as she ripped the pictures up and threw them on the floor. “Bitch!!”, he screamed as he tried to turn his head only to feel the three inch leather collar dig painfully into his shoulders and lower jaw, he felt defeated and closed his eyes, silently crying as the disgusting bitches voice droned on from the speakers. An image of his wife flashed in his mind and he slowly opened his eyes with anger and disgust as the sick bitch continued her speech, and began to watch for clues. She brought her hand to her pussy and looked directly into the camera,” Since last night you were still drugged up and a little groggy I figured you might like to watch us in action together…., I know that I really enjoyed riding your cock!”, again he felt the need to vomit as she smiled, then continued” So just lay back and enjoy the show…., I hope you like it. And I know when I’m using your cock later that it’ll be great to have it sunk deep in my pussy! Right where it belongs from now on!” Richard felt his eyes water as the scene changed to the room in which he was now imprisoned. He could see his bound form on the mattress and he was obviously still incapacitated, the only sign of life was the steady rise and fall of his chest. He watched in disgust as his defiler entered the room, smiling and stripping for the camera, her thick thighs rubbed together as she put a show on for the camera. He would guess that she was maybe five foot, seven, or five eight, and from the looks of her she must have weighed close to a hundred and seventy pounds or more, Richard once again wished he could turn his head away as she turned to the bed, her rounded ass wiggling as she snuggled next to him, her hand finding his semi erect cock and slowly working it to hardness. She giggled as he slowly hardened then slipped a cock ring over his erect manhood and excitedly straddled him with her meaty thighs. He was sickened more as she reached under to guide him into her, her thick ass unhurriedly grinding against him as she pushed him deep into her, Richard suddenly stopped as he watched the defilement onscreen continue, “Wait! There were more than one pair of hands in the restroom?”. Whatever “They“, there had been more than one, had injected into his neck kept him hard regardless of how he felt that night. All he could do was cry as she rode him like a rag doll. But with a slow determination he realized,” that he now knew more than he previously had…” slowly hope began to build, “Now how could he use that information.” he thought as the disgusting pigs’ video continued.

Sarah’s server returned with her drink and the promise that she would be back to take her order when the other member of her party showed up, She barely acknowledged the young woman, her thoughts kept drifting to the previous nights activities. Her slave had been abducted, with her help of course. He had been drugged, delivered, and prepared for the nights festivities as promised. The drug had made him semi erect and unable to resist her ministrations as she slowly stripped and crawled onto the bed to stroke him to complete hardness, his pathetic mewling behind the ballgag had only served to turn her on even more. And as he reached full hardness she slipped the cock ring into place with the satisfying thought that she was about to fuck her slaves cock for as long and as hard as she wanted, without interruption, without being told” No”, and without being able to be stopped. She remembered grinning and straddling his groin and grabbing his cock to aim it for her already wet and hungry pussy, she forcefully pushed down engulfing him entirely, and slowly rotated her hips rocking back and forth enjoying it and letting his cock settle fully into her. Sarah blushed as she heard her server return with her other guest, and was suddenly woken from her daydream as her sponsor arrived. She studied Jessica as she smiled at her then sat down, she was a beautiful woman she thought.” So Sarah from our little conversation earlier this morning on the phone it seems that you had an absolutely wonderful time last night. Did you enjoy yourself as much as you thought you would? “, Sarah turned with a look of complete satisfaction in her eyes,” It was so fucking amazing Jess, and to be totally honest it was even better than I thought it would be.” Sarah watched as a smile spread across the other woman’s face, almost appearing to glow,” Well as I mentioned earlier my dear, men are not really my specialty, but when we spoke online it felt like speaking to a kindred soul…,So as your sponsor with Slaves Unlimited I decided to make an exception for you .”, Sarah was excitedly telling Jess all the details from the previous night and looked cross as the waitress reappeared to try to take their orders. She hastily snapped at the poor girl,” Can’t you see that we are in the middle of a conversation you stupid cow! Now go away!” the girl rather humiliated, apologized with a stutter while tears formed in her eyes, Sarah smiled uncaringly and continued to tell Jess all the explicit details from the previous night as the girl hurriedly ran to another table.

She was riding him like nothing more than a toy, Richard glared in anger and disgust at what she had subjected him to, and at one point as her meaty thighs and ass rhythmically pounded against his groin he witnessed his cock pop free from her frenzied movements, and he winced deep inside. With a belying speed she pushed herself up onto both chunky arms looking both shocked and angry, she slapped him roughly across his drugged face and within the blink of an eye she had reached back to grab his cock and impale herself with it once more. He was sickened as her depraved lustful voice carried from the speaker,”…Get back in my pussy slave I’m not done playing with this cock yet…oh yeahhhhh!!!…,” she smiled viciously in the video as she bounced upon him,”…Oh not by any means am I done playing with it!!!”, with a disgusting grin upon her face she bounced against his bound form harder and faster until with a loud sudden moan she collapsed on top of him shivering with delight. That had been the first rape, Richard tested the bonds that held him, no escape possible, it had lasted over two hours. He watched as she crawled free from his naked form and smiled for the camera running her hand down to her pussy then holding it up to show a glistening sheen.,”….Naughty little fuckslave you made me cum…”, he was sickened and tried to turn away from the video as she turned back to the bed and laughed ,” ..But you’re going to be doing a lot of that for Sarah from now on.” He tensed as he heard her name, Sarah! If he could yet free himself he would make her pay, he would make her pay dearly. On screen she approached the bed smiling running her hands over her sweaty body, and when she bent low at the waist Richard once again felt the need to vomit as she lowered her disgusting face aiming his erect cock to her mouth, and just before she took it into her mouth she laughed, and the microphone picked up her voice,” Lets find out how yummy this little cock is, hehe…”. Richard watched with tears streaming in his eyes as the pig did as she pleased with him, he remembered some of this.” I think I tried saying no…” he thought, and as if on cue he watched and heard this very cry,” oohhhhnntt. ”, after what seemed a life time but was probably no more than ten minutes Sarah’s mouth came free with a pop and a spray of cum, and he cried and winced as he watched her grin and lick her lips, slowly registering her words,” Shut the fuck up slave, this cock is mine now, and if I want to suck it I will, because I own it, and not to mention the fact that its really fucking yummy when it pops!!!…, But I think I need to ride it some more to break it in real good!”

Jess listened as Sarah related her exploits from the previous night. The young woman’s face looked radiant,” By the fourth time he was a bit more alert, but the bondage equipment you provided worked just great, I was able to ride him as hard as I wanted, and I was in total control hehe!….”, Jess loved as Sarah giggled,” …it was kinda like using a sex doll!” she found the young woman’s lust almost an equal to her own and couldn’t help but laugh when she had humiliated the waitress in front of them earlier.” A nice cruel streak…” she thought with a smile before she spoke.” So as your sponsor Sarah I often find it best to begin training of the slave right away…” reaching into her purse she pulled the DVD’s free and handed them to her,”…as I said earlier I am used to training women, so these are all lesbian sexslave training videos that I have made, but I think you’ll find that the principals are the same.”, Sarah thanked her, and actually smiled as she took the offered videos. Soon their meals came and during it Sarah turned to Jess with almost a look of worship.” I still haven’t properly thanked you Jess…” smiling Jess patted her novices hand,” Oh my dear there’s no need to thank me. Knowing that you enjoyed using your slave exactly as you pleased is thanks enough..,” she cautiously raised an eyebrow,…although I’ll be honest and say I wouldn’t mind witnessing you breaking him to your will.” Jess had expected Sarah to decline such a request, most of her clients felt that breaking a slave was a private affair, so when the young woman grinned and slowly replied, she was surprised.” Well I planned on going out to the clubs for a while, but I wouldn’t mind using him instead…, and you could come over and watch us if you want.., call it dinner and a show if you will”, Jess’ face beamed with sudden anticipation,” How very kind of you Sarah, I would love to watch that.”. As Sarah paid the bill, Jess tried to contain her growing excitement, while it was true that she was a lesbian herself, she still liked to watch men being used as nothing more than toys, the loss of a male slaves power itself was always a turn on to her. And as they exited the restaurant Sarah’s limo pulled up, and she turned to Jess smiling,” Would you like a ride…it has a full service bar.” Jess decided to go along, why have super rich friends if you couldn’t share the perks now and then.

Richard continued to watch the pigs video, his disgust only growing as she raped him, his anger growing as well, as he slowly formulated a plan. Perhaps if he played along with the sick bitch he could gain her trust to untie him, and then he would make her pay,” Fucking strangle the disgusting pig….” he was thinking when the camera started to move. He watched with a twisted interested as she leaned forward, straddled over him, her pudgy belly pushing into his own and her heavy tits mashing against his chest as she whispered almost dreamily.“ ..Round number four fuckslave…, oh yeaahh!, I’m loving this, I hope you know how good having your cock in me feels…now there’s a good little sexslave“, leaning further forward she set the camera up on the headboard and secured it into place to ,“ To catch the show for posterity.”, as she so disgustingly put it. Richard could remember this last rape vividly. While the other ones he’d witnessed watching the sick cunts video. During this rape he had struggled a lot in the beginning but soon found his strength quickly ebbing away, much to her delight too, it seemed, “There’s a good little fuckslave, fight against me some more and tire yourself out, so Sarah can rape you even fucking harder..”. He watched in disgust as she pulled free of him applying more lube to his cock working it intently in her hand, and slowly worked it to hardness, and pushed a cock ring over it yet again. His cries of disgust were muffled behind the gag and she merely smiled and slid him into her wet waiting pussy,” Yeahh..There’s a good little slave…unghmm yeahh right there!!” Richard burned with anger, how dare she do this! But as the video played on and on, and she continued to use him as nothing more than a toy, he started to lose hope,” How could he escape, he was helpless…” he reluctantly turned his attention back to the video and wept. She was almost grunting as she rode him, Richard shivered. He was not into chunky girls, his wife was a rather thin woman, so when Sarah pulled his cock free and reversed her direction he flinched. She had what could only best be described as a black girls bottom, her large rounded ass only served to make him gag again.”. Most guys don’t let me reverse cowgirl them, they think I’m a bit rough…so if I’m a little bit rough let me know slave, O.K…?” Richard plainly heard the sarcasm in her voice and could only watch in disgust as she aimed his cock to her pussy. when she had completely sunk him into her she reached back and spread her ass cheeks with her hands allowing a deeper penetration, and started a slow up and down rhythm. She began bouncing harder and faster as she rode him, and slowly removed her hands, he was sickened as her ass cheeks squeezed tight against him jiggling enough to show the cellulite beneath the skin, and as she came he watched as she leaned all her weight down and forward exposing not only herself but also her far wall. It was then that Richard felt a spark, for as the far wall was exposed it showed an open window, and just on the outside of that window stood a barn with a very unique antique weathervane, one he had only auctioned off from his own auction company just earlier this month, And with a sudden realization he felt hope surge again,” I think I know where I am..”, and once more he began to plan his revenge.

Sarah poured a drink for Jess and herself and handed one of the heavy glasses to her sponsor, then placed the liquor back into the limos wet bar,” When I was riding my slaves cock reverse cowgirl style I think he screamed and even tried to fight against me more, I came so hard, and he was powerless to stop me. I actually think I really may have bruised him a bit.” she giggled, raising her hand to her mouth”, Hehe! But it was absolutely fucking fantastic I was able to take him as deep and hard as I wanted…” Jess smiled listening to her lusty voiced patron. Taking a sip of her drink she was very impressed with Sarah’s attitude towards her new ownership of her slave. Slaves were meant to be used as the owner wished and it seemed that Sarah had no problem accepting this, almost as if casually picking out a new vacuum or an appliance Jess reflected, as they entered the estate through the main gates.” Well again Sarah I must say thank you for giving me this opportunity to observe you and your new sexslave. I will do my best to make any suggestions or offer any advice that I can to make sure that you enjoy yourself as much as possible.” the young woman turned to her with a wicked grin upon her face,” To be honest with you Jess it makes me kinda horny to know that you will be watching me rape him…” she paused, “….and if at any point you want to, you can join us…”, again Jess felt as if she were with a kindred soul and grinned as she replied.” I must say that’s very generous of you Sarah, but as I mentioned earlier, I’m a lesbian, and I’m not sure if your slave could appreciate how I would play with him.” Sarah turned, feeling even hornier if possible,” Well I wouldn’t mind you playing with me a bit...and I know I would appreciate it…“, Jess lost all self control, leaning close she pushed her lips to Sarah’s as the limo wound his way up the quarter mile driveway. The driver had heard the frenzied noises coming from the back seat, and with a quick glance he watched the intertwining limbs and the flash of naked flesh in the rear view mirror.” God I love this job!” he thought as he pulled to the main entrance.

Richard could only close his eyes and pray for death or escape, the last rape had lasted till almost three in the morning. The bitch had used him for almost an hour straight this last time, and near the end every time that he came he felt a burning sensation from his cock. He watched as she crawled from his body, sweat dripping from her exertions, it ran down her full tits and pooled upon him. She stood and moved on wobbly legs in front of the camera grinning, and holding her hand against the dresser for support, her ice blue eyes looking back at him. she turned to look back to the camera,” Oh my fucking God that was Sooooo Good for me slave!!!….,” he wanted to retch as she slowly pushed her fingers into her pussy and withdrew them to dangle in front of the camera. He was sickened as sticky strings of his cum looped between her fingers, she sly grinned with delight,”….it must have been pretty good for you too, huh slave. Hehe!…. “ on screen he watched as he screamed his denial at the sick cunt, but little good came of it as she crossed the room and roughly slapped his face.” I swear slave if you keep acting up I’ll sell you to a gay guy to use from now on…,got it?”, she laughed cruelly grabbing his chin and spitting in his face,” You’re my sexslave now!!!, And you better get used to it! Got it!!!.”, Richard could only close his eyes in shame as he watched himself nod his head in acceptance,”….good little fuckslave..”, she disgustingly purred, and as she turned to him with a syringe in hand and smiled, he wished she had just killed him. He watched as the video went blank. Thoughts of revenge filled his mind as her disgusting piggish face filled the screen once more,” That is how I will be using you from now on fuckslave and as you can tell ,whether you like it or not I WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO! At least I’m going to enjoy these first few months of….” he shamefully watched as her eyebrow arched dementedly and she grinned before finishing her sentence,” ….rapealicious fun! Hehe!!!…”. Richard cried as the video ended, he was just starting to doze off when he heard a female voice coming from beyond the door. Please lord let it be anyone but her, someone who might rescue him…please, he thought. And as her voice carried down what he assumed was a hallway he felt his heart drop, he struggled against the bondage gear as the bedroom door flew open and SHE stepped in.” Did Sarah’s little fuckslave miss her?..Huh?” his eyes burned full of rage as he screamed hard behind the ball gag,” UCCK!! OUUU!! IITTCCH!”, when a second woman appeared in the doorway his courage slipped a bit as Sarah approached the bed slapped his face hard, and leered at him .” …fuck you bitch huh?,…….“,she smiled slowly turning to the other woman before turning back to him, “ ..Well I have someone here who wants to watch you do exactly that. So shut the fuck up and get ready to be used!!….and I mean really hard tonight fuckslave!!”, her disgusting face and wicked smile brought new tears to him as she licked her lips,” We‘re gonna have a lot of fun now, huh fuckslave?”, he strained against the bondage, and as she started slowly stripping her clothing from her body, he prayed for death once more.

Sarah had been rather curious with Jessica, while she normally went for men she considered herself bi and she had to admit that she was rather attracted to her. Jess seemed to tangle herself into her thoughts and actions during their short time together, and Sarah found her thoughts returning to the limo ride. They had kissed and started making out, and at one point Jess had freed Sarah’s tits from the tight leather halter top and slowly nuzzled her face against them, taking a nipple between her lips to slowly lick and suckle. Sarah felt her pussy grow hotter anticipating a night of absolute sheer depravity, she absolutely loved having her tits played with, and Jess seemed very adept at it. She remembered her sponsors hand as it slid beneath her leather skirt to her dampening pussy, slowly pushing the fabric of her panties aside to slip two fingers to her quivering sex and slowly stroked them against it. Sarah had not been with a woman in a very long time, and had loved the ride home. Jess seemed to know all the right spots to lick, nibble, and rub and before too long Sarah found herself coming beneath her minstartions. When the limo pulled to the entrance Sarah pulled away from Jess with a smile upon her face,” I can’t wait for you to meet my fuckslave! His name used to be Richard…” Jess cautiously raised a hand and brushed Sarahs hair from her face to gently whisper into her ear,” You must forget that name Sarah, it’s no good. To him or to you anymore, do you understand?” Sarahs face shone with what she had done and she awkwardly apologized,”…I’m so sorry Jess, I would never tell anyone his name..”, she looked sheepishly to the floor then back up with a smile upon her face,”….it’s just that you are like…so…you….,I don‘t know how to say it. I feel really comfortable around you.”. Sarah knew Jess could see the relief in eyes as she smiled back at her and replied,” its O.K Sarah that’s why Slaves Unlimited has sponsors…it wasn’t all that long ago that I was an initiate myself.” Sarah and Jess got out of the limo as the driver opened the door for them, turning Sarah looked to the driver.” You may take the rest of the day off Joel I won’t be needing your services any further.” she smiled as she and Jess entered the house and made their way to her bedroom.

Jess watched as Sarah entered her room and couldn’t help but giggle when she heard her greet her slave.” Did Sarah’s little fuckslave miss her? Huh?” the man upon the bed strained against the bonds, but his struggles were empty handed, and when he screamed behind the gag Jess watched as Sarah merely smiled and slapped his face harshly and replied with an evil tone,”…fuck you bitch huh?,……. Well I have someone here who wants to watch you do exactly that. So shut the fuck up and get ready to be used!!…and I mean really hard tonight fuckslave!!…”. Jess noted the tears in Sarahs slaves eyes and felt her pussy grow wetter as the woman patted her slaves cheek and looked upon him with a fake sincerity,” We’re gonna have a lot of fun now, huh slave? The mans corded muscles strained against the bondage as Sarah stepped clear from the bed and started a slow striptease , she was mesmerized as Sarah slowly peeled her clothing from her body, her full luscious tits had large dark areolas, and the nipples much to Jess’ own delight were erect and looked yummy enough to bite. And as Sarah started to wiggle free of her skirt and panties Jess felt her pussy grow wetter, Sarahs round hips lent perfectly to her round bubbled ass. While it was true that Sarah was a chunkier girl she still had all the right curves in all the right places and Jess could appreciate that, she watched Sarahs slave fighting against the bondage on the bed as his new owner slowly finished stripping in front of him. As Sarah reached the bed Jess watched in curiosity as she reached for a sealed syringe on the nightstand beside her,” Oh Sarah?” Jess interrupted waiting for the young woman to turn,” I know of some other ways to make him erect without the side effects of the drugs we supplied you…, and besides it‘s really not good to use those for more than a few weeks if you can help it….”. Jess heard the pure lust course through Sarahs trembling voice as she responded. ”Would you show me Jess? I mean that’s if you want to. I don‘t know much…, um you know…,” Jess grinned and reached for the gift bag of goodies she had brought with her, then paused before turning to her gracious hostess,” Well I think it’s time for him to truly learn that he’s nothing more than your sex toy now, wouldn’t you agree?”. Jess smiled as Sarah laughed looking down upon her slave, “Did you hear that fuckslave, you’re just my Toy now, hehe!! “, Jess only felt the stirrings of lust as she approached Sarah and the bed.

Richard tried to bend his head upwards to better see what the two women had planned for him but the collar offered only a small amount of give. The bitch whom he now knew to be Sarah bent to his face and whispered into his ear,” My friend Jess wants to help me play with you now toy”, he was sickened as she pushed her tongue into his ear and then trailed it slowly down his neck, her meaty hand slid down his chest and stomach to his cock as the other woman Jess slowly approached the bed. He was disgusted as Sarahs hand moved along his shaft trying to make his cock hard. ”TOOOOPPPPIITTT! NGHHHH!!!!!””, Sarah’s response was to slap him roughly across the face again.” Shut the fuck up toy I wanna play!!!…”. Richard could only listen on in dread as the other woman spoke,” So Sarah my dear did you know that the male prostate is equivalent to the female G spot?” His eyes widened as Sarah stared at him, her smile growing wilder, meaner. ” Really Jess?”, the other woman continued on even as Richard fought against the bondage with a new desperation born of anger and fear.” Now most men will not admit it, but their little cocks grow nice and hard with just the right,…stimulation.”, Richard screamed behind the ballgag,” UCKK OUUU ICCKK ITCHHES!!!”, Sarah slapped his face again then leaned so close that he could smell the whiskey on her breath. Her ugly pig face seemed lit with excitement as she smiled and then spoke.” That’s what we are gonna do fuckslave, just calm down and enjoy being played with…,” her smile grew more wicked, and her face was almost deranged as she voiced,” like ah good little toy…hehe!!!” he could only pray for death as Jess handed Sarah a rubber glove and a bottle of lubricant.

Sarah had hoped Jess wouldn’t notice her dripping pussy, or the fact that her nipples were erect, but as the woman slowly handed her the glove and lubricant she caught Jess’ smile and the directions in which her eyes were drawn, “ Quite obviously too.“ she thought as she smiled wickedly back at her sponsor. She accepted the items with a look of lust in her eyes but also a questioning expression upon her face. Jess merely smiled and continued on for her benefit,” The whole act is simple really, put your glove on, lube up a finger or two, and push them into his anus….”, Sarah laughed as her slave screamed behind his gag and fought against his restraints, she turned back to Jess as the woman finished her oratory,”…you will want to lube your new slaves anus enough so that he can accept this….,”. Sarah watched as Jess pulled something from her bag, and held it before her, it looked like a silver easter egg with a long cord attached to a box with a sliding switch. With her inexperience of such things plain on her face she noted Jess’ evil grin as she retrieved something else setting it aside and continued, ”..I realize that you are new to this Sarah but I assure you that the sooner you let your slave know that they exist only to serve your particular needs, and that their Entire body is subject to your whims and desires, essentially nothing more than a fucktoy, that it makes it so much easier later on when you start their mental conditioning…”. Sarah smiled, as what could only best be described as fear crept into her slaves eyes, she stretched the rubber glove over her right hand letting it snap at the end, leaning close to his face, only breaths away, she slowly licked her lips and whispered. “Be a good little fuckslave for Sarah and don’t fight this, just let it happen and enjoy being ridden by me…., or not? It doesn’t really matter either way to me…I‘m still going to ride your cock like a toy!!!” She grinned as he struggled on the bed, screaming something unintelligible behind the ball gag, she mischievously turned toward Jess,”….thank you so much for this Jess I never would have thought of all these things by myself.”. Sarah felt a spark run through her as Jess languidly leaned forward, kissed her deeply, then slowly pulled away to respond ,”Use your slave as hard as you can. That’s more than thanks enough!” Sarah turned back to her slave the words tumbling from her lips as she looked upon him with a growing lust,” How do I start?”.

Richard screamed behind his gag as the Bitch Jess, told Sarah to” Lube up a finger or two”, and continued on like it was a normal conversation. How fucked up and sick were these two women he thought as Jess reached into her bag and brought forth another item laying it aside and out of his sight. When Sarah had put the rubber glove on he strained against the bondage that held him to the bed, the sick bitch leaned close licking her lips whispering softly to him,” Be a good little fuckslave for Sarah and don’t fight this, just enjoy being ridden by me.….”, he tried to tell her,” No!!, to get the fuck away from him“, but it came out garbled from behind the gag. He wanted to shut his eyes and die as she smirked and continued,”, or not? It doesn’t really matter either way to me…I’m still going to ride your cock like a toy!!!” He knew that if he started to panic now and lose all control that he would never free himself, so he inhaled slowly and tried to lay still allowing the pig to do what she pleased to him, not that he really had a choice, waiting to find some way to escape and kill both of them. Jess approached the bed and knelt by the end,” This might work better if you kneel by the side of him, about level with his knees…” Richard forcefully glared at Jess with hate in his eyes, and he knew she clearly saw it as she smiled back, then spoke with a slight inflection to her tone, “..Now reach under and cup your slaves ball sack with one hand, and with the other smear a dollop of lube on his anus preparing it for use....”, Richard screamed into the gag as Sarah cupped his balls with one hand and smeared lubricant against his sphincter with the gloved one, his tears ran down his cheeks and he tried a final time to end it, “ OOHHOORR!!!!”. Sarah merely chuckled and squeezed his ball sack tightly causing him to scream in pain, her reply pained him even more ,” I don’t give a fuck if you want this….,” Richards eyes teared as he felt one of her fat fingers push knuckle deep, into his anus, her smile grew as he squealed behind the gag,“ Because I want this. See this is so fucking hot to me, doing whatever I want to you, you’re my property, and you have such a tight litlle butt hole fuckslave…..“ he was disgusted as she turned to her friend, and smiled “ I never thought I would get off on something like this, but I really kinda am. Thank you so much Jess.” Richard screamed as her finger slowly pushed in to the second knuckle, and both women started to laugh in unison as he screamed.

Sarah was delighted as her slave squealed and tried to clench his butt cheeks together, she merely grinned and started to work her finger in and out of his tight little chute, she couldn’t believe how horny and turned on she was actually getting from doing this to him. She looked to his face as she pumped her finger in a slower rhythm and smiled,” Do you like me fingering your ass slave!”, she was delighted as his eyes burned with anger, she slyly turned to Jess.” This is really so sick and naughty but I can’t help but get aroused by it. My toys little bum is so fucking tight…,” her sponsor smiled wickedly back at her. Turning back toward her slave, she noticed his flaccid cock starting to stir to life even as he screamed behind the gag,” See toy!, My friend Jess was right…,now all I have to do is fill this hole with a vibrator,turn you on,…and enjoy my sweet fucking vibrating ride. Now be a good little toy and stop clenching!!”. Sarah felt her pussy growing wetter, hungrier…,almost to the point of being ready to put a cock ring on and just start humping away when he was hard enough, she slowed her breathing and turned to Jess feeling flushed from the arousal and excitement,” Should I try to lube him more before I put this in him. And should I turn my toy on before or after I mount him?”. Jess turned to Sarah and smiled before speaking,” Its almost time for that…,and I would suggest lubing him up more and turning it on after you seat yourself on his cock Sarah, but first I have something to put on it that will make it even more fun and effective…., “ Sarah watched as Jess reached to her side and brought forth what looked like a ribbed jelly balloon, the woman smiled at her,” Think of this as a condom,but with one big difference. It inflates.” Sarah felt her slaves’ rectum squeeze tighter around her gloved finger and couldn’t help but laugh as he screamed harder behind the ball gag. She studied Jess as she put the condom over the egg, a long tube with a dangling ball stretched from its base she looked inquiringly to the woman. Jess smiled slyly at her and explained,” I would usually suggest a vibrating butt plug, but this little gadget is ingenious, it will allow a deeper penetration than a plug and will vibrate much more powerfully,…” Sarah watched as Jess squeezed the balll at the end of the tube slowly inflating it to the size of a large lemon, she felt her pussy grow wetter as her slave trembled on the bed crying, Jess deflated the condom shrinking it back to egg size and carried on.”…,as a matter of fact when this is up your sweet little slaves ass it should be strong enough for you to feel all the way to your toes, he may not like it much, but I‘m certain that you will as you’re riding his cock.”. Sarah felt her nipples harden as Jess handed her the vibrator with a smile, she slowly turned to look her slave in the eyes and grinned and giggled as fresh tears sprang to his eyes, and joyously announced” Its playtime toy!!!”.

Richard screamed as the ugly pig Sarah giggled beside him and lewdly voiced,“ Its playtime toy!!!“, she dolloped lubricant on the tip of the vibrator and excitedly started to push it firmly against his anus with one hand while with the other she slowly tried to work his semi erect cock to hardness. Her encouragement sickened him as he felt his cock slowly responding against his wishes” There’s a good little toy get nice and hard so Sarah can play with you…ride you…and use you hard”. He squeezed his ass cheeks as hard together as he could , hoping and praying it would be enough to deter the sick bitches from enacting their plans, but deep inside it, he knew it would not be. When he heard footsteps approach and felt an additional pair of feminine hands pushing down on the inside of his knees, spreading his thighs enough to allow Sarah to slowly push the vibrator in past his anal rim with a sick smile upon her face, he could only scream in rage, and disgust ,” UUUNNNGIITTCCHHEESS!!!”. Jess laughed even louder at that point and pushed harder against his knees and turned to Sarah, who was gleefully violating his bottom.” That’s excellent so far Sarah, just work it in nice and slow, let your slave know that he has no choice but to accept what you want.” Richard tried to shoot an angry glance at the bitch but felt new tears as Sarah finally worked the entire vibrating egg in past his anal ring and smiled proudly, ”NNGGHHHOO!!!!!!!”, he screamed in anger, he felt broken as his anal rim popped close allowing only the wire and tube to show. He had never felt so violated, or helpless in his entire life as both women stepped clear of the bed. He shook in fury and shame at what had been done to him. He tried to reach for any human emotion in the two sick demented and evil fucking bitches that he could, praying it would move them, would spare him this shame, ”OOOPPPPPPPPP EEAASSEIITTUURRTTSS!!”, but he suddenly knew he failed. He shrank back as Sarah swung forward to him her ice blue eyes seemed especially cold and evil ,” Get the fuck over it already slave! You’re mine now! You’ll never see your fucking ugly whore of a wife, or retarded little slut daughter ever again!”. She giggled like a school girl as she approached the bed, leaning down just close enough for her tits to brush his chest as she whispered foully into his face,” Now its time for Sarah to ride her toy!….,I’m going to fucking love this so much.”, Richard felt new tears as the sick bitch placed the controller by the side of his hips and rubbed his cock with lube and then slowly started to straddle him.

Jess watched fascinated as Sarah rubbed his bulbous head with lube till it shined beneath her skillful hands then straddled him, of course he tried to fight it but from what Jess was witnessing, she slyly grinned , there would be none of that nonsense. She found herself growing more fond of the young woman, she turned her attention back to Sarah’s helpless slave. His screams only intensified as Sarah giggled, reached down to her side, and slowly held up a cock ring and then proudly announced with an evil look to her eyes and a wicked laugh as well,” Its gonna be a long night for you toy!”, she watched as he fought against the bondage holding him as Sarah slipped the cock ring tightly into place. Drooling she watched as the girl leaned forward reaching between her legs bringing his cock to her pussy and slowly forced it into her. Jess couldn’t help but get turned on as Sarah slowly rocked back with her meaty hips impaling his cock almost balls deep, she sighed. It was a rather nice view she thought. Sarah reached back and spread her ass cheeks for a deeper penetration, and as she did so it allowed Jess a better view of her pussy and rose bud. Captivated she approached the bed as Sarah reached to her side and turned the vibrator on. At just that moment Jess noticed as Sarahs slaves eyes streamed tears, and she grinned proudly at the young woman. “So Sarah does it feel good knowing that you can use your slave whenever you want to, and however you want to?”. Sarah turned to face her and it was then that Jess noticed the girls bottom lip trembling, her eyes almost had a dreamy look to them as she replied,” I’m, I‘m, I‘m,…I’m coming and I’ve barely started riding him,…uunnhh yeaahh this is so fucking awesome!!”, Jess was astonished as Sarahs pussy literally squirted, the ensuing orgasm spread wetness over the mans groin and lower belly as it sluiced off on either side running to the vinyl bed, pooling below him causing him to scream even louder as Sarah forcefully pumped her hips against him. Jess watched in fascination as he screamed hysterically when Sarah reached to the control and turned the vibrating egg to medium and pumped the ball to inflate it almost half way, filling his anus . She smiled wickedly as the girl leaned forward and slapped her slaves face hard,” Shut the fuck up toy and just learn to enjoy being played with by me…uuhh yeaahh!!! This is my cock from now on!!!!”, Jess grinned as Sarah once again reached to the vibrators control with an evil intent and quickly turned it to the highest setting,” TTOOPPPPIISSS!!!TOPPP!!!”. Sarahs’ slave Jess saw, could only cry and scream as the young woman bounced against his bound form faster and harder, Jess rubbed her pussy as she watched Sarahs bubbled ass cheeks jiggle and shake from the strenuous ride that she was giving her slave and felt her own orgasm building as she continued to witness the scene before her.

When the sick bitch held the cock ring above him Richard screamed. When she laughed out loud and said to him,” Its gonna be a long night for you toy!”, he only felt new tears replace the old as she slipped it over his manhood and smiled evilly, her icy blue eyes so cruel so uncaring. He was helpless and sickened as she reached between her legs with her meaty hand slowly guiding his cock into her pussy, her pudgy belly and heavy tits pressing against him made him even sicker. He felt nauseated as she leaned back and with both hands spread her ass cheeks to take him deeper, he could only cry tears of shame and rage as the vibrator sunk in his ass came to life. And then he heard the fucking bitch Jess chime in,” So Sarah does it feel good knowing you can use your slave whenever you want to, and however you want to?“. Richard narrowed his eyes in hatred at the vile pig atop of him as she stammered,” I’m, I’m, I’m,…I’m coming.”, the rest was drowned out as he felt her orgasm gush over him. He’d never understood the term squirter,…until now that was, as the foul pigs disgusting juices drenched him, he screamed in agony and hatred, and his pain and disgust only increased as she forcefully rocked her hips back fucking him harder, then reached to the control turning it to a higher setting while inflating it in his anus. It vibrated him hard enough to shake her meaty flanks as she raped him. He prayed for death as she leaned forward and slapped his face roughly,” Shut the fuck up toy and just learn to enjoy being played with by me…uuhh yeaahh!!! This is my cock from now on!!!”. And as she grinned and turned the vibrator even higher he screamed in absolute pain and helplessness at her ,” TTOOPPPPIISSS!!!TOPPP!!!, but he knew she would give no mercy as she bounced herself harder against his cock. Richard lay beneath the crazed bitch as she violated him ,struggling against his bindings he tried to think of his wife and daughter but the hopelessness of his situation discouraged such thoughts, and as the pig slowly leaned forward to his face and started giggling and licking the tears from it, he knew that she would never give him any chance at freedom, and hated her that much more for it. Her whispered words sickened him as she held his face still to continue licking his tears away and giggling at him,” Hehe, now do you understand fuckslave….ohhh!!!!fuuucckk yesss!!!”, her hips rocked frantically against him as she bit at his ears, neck, and shoulders,” Sarah’s ready for you to fill her up with your cum now toy.”. Richard could only cry behind the ball gag as the bitch reached beneath and forcibly pulled the cock ring free, he screamed in agony at the quickness of her movements, she pulled him free removed the ring and had his cock pushed back into her pussy all in the blink of an eye it seemed and then continued her assault. Richard started to close his eyes and cry as he felt himself coming, moments later the pig leaned into him resting her chin against his shoulder whispering into his ear,” Give Sarah all your cum now toy…,oh fuck yeah this is so…,fucking good…,” as he felt her shudder atop him and expel her foul fluid