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Deadly Sex Games CH 1_(1)

2022-09-20 01:15:24

It all began with a chance encounter in an Internet chat room. Sally was doing her favorite thing . . . flirting with the boys in an adult room, and when stimulated enough by the boys she linked with, getting in some serious masturbation.

That particular night she met "Deathmaster," a man in the role playing room who talked about killing the women he fucked while they were in the middle of orgasmic pleasure. The idea turned Sally on so much that she had three powerful orgasms from masturbation while they chatted.

Deathmaster and Sally agreed to meet again the following night, and he succeeded once more to inflame her with his stories about deadly sex. By the third night they had exchanged e-mail addresses, and not long after this, Sally actually consented to meet this mystery woman killer.

He turned out to be a very powerful and extremely handsome man whose physical appearance alone excited Sally. That he had secret deadly thoughts made this encounter even more thrilling.

Sally, who was an attractive woman of 28, liked the idea of having sex with this man, but she made it clear to him that she was only "role playing" about the killing part when they were in the chat room.

"But didn't the idea excite you?" he asked. "Didn't you have some great orgasms when you thought about me killing you at that same moment?

"Oh, yes," Sally said. "Why do you think I am here? The idea is so tempting I think I am even considering it."

With that, the man smiled. "I thought that was true," he said.

"What I hate about really doing it is that I will never know how great the orgasm is until I experience it. And even if it is as fantastic as you say, there is just one great moment, and then that is it," she sighed. “Once I am dead, I can't enjoy the thrill ever again. I am just dead."

"Then here is what we can do," he said. "We can role play. I will think up various deadly sex games to play, bring you to the brink, and stop at the last second."

"Yeah," she said, "But if I know it is only a game, the thrill won't really be there."

"That's just it," he said. "One of the times we play, I am going to really kill you. You just won't know which time it is. It is kind of like playing Russian roulette, with one bullet in the chamber. We keep firing it at you until it finally goes off."

"That might work," she smiled. "And I can continue to play until I decide to pull out."

"If you can quit," he smiled. "I have done this with women before. They get so hooked on the excitement of the game they can't quit. They always play just one more time until they get the bullet."

Sally shuddered at the thought. Still. . . still, she knew she had to play. At least once. She had to know how good this sexual experience really was.

"All right," she said. "I will play this game. At least once. Just promise me you won't kill me the first time," she laughed.

"But I can't promise you that," he said. "You will never know when it is going to be your night to die. That is the thrill of it."

"I know," she said.

First Encounter

She came to him in an old abandoned house. There were no lights, no utilities of any kind. The place had been empty for so long the plaster was falling from the walls. There was an old bed with creaking springs and a musty old mattress on it in an upstairs room. He took her there.

He made her remove all of her clothes and come to him naked. He was fully dressed, in heavy dark clothing, black leather boots, jacket and belt. He unzipped his pants and exposed a very large, semi-erect penis. "Suck it bitch," he ordered.

She got on her knees on the filthy floor and took his organ cautiously in her mouth. As she cautiously licked and slid her mouth over it, she felt his cock harden. He put his hands on the back of her head and pulled her face down on his erect, now throbbing organ and she started sucking. He shoved it deep into her mouth and she was forced to swallow it just to take it into her head. She choked on it, but she continued to suck. She thought this was how she was to die; by strangling on his large cock.

Suddenly, however, he pulled his organ out of her mouth. "Get up, go to the bed and bend over," he demanded. She stumbled to her feet and did as he ordered. "Spread your legs and let's see your ass."

She felt embarrassed to be exposing herself like this but she did as he ordered. She felt his fingers sliding into her anus, and then, without warning, his big cock was ramming its way in. He used no lubrication and she was not stretched, so it was extremely painful. He slid all the way into her, then remained in that position, letting her get used to the massive fullness of it in her rectum. Then, she felt his fingers probing her pussy, gently massaging her swollen clit. She felt an orgasm building immediately.

Suddenly a plastic bag was slid over her head. It fit snug, covering her entire head and was pulled up tight by a tight rubber ring that fit snug around her neck. Sally couldn't breathe!!!

Now, as her lungs contracted violently against the plastic that covered her mouth and nose, robbing her of the oxygen her tortured lungs were demanding, he began fucking her ass, while his fingers massaged her clitoris.

Her first reaction was panic, but then, as her chest heaved against the hard plastic, pulling it deep into her open mouth and nostrils, she went into orgasm. The climax was so powerful her whole body began convulsing in uncontrollable movements; some call it a dance of death. The orgasmic pleasure grew in strength as her oxygen starved brain brought on hallucinated visions and intense sexual pleasure. The sensual gratification was beyond anything she had ever experienced. The muscles in her vulva were still twitching long after she went unconscious.

Sally woke up on the floor. The plastic bag had been removed and she was still alive. She smiled. It was, indeed, a grand sexual thrill. But she was sure she would never do it again.