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True or Dare chapter 5

2022-01-18 02:00:03

Chapter five : True or Dare

Well been teasing you with this story since the beginning and now Ladies and gentlemen we have finally arrived at how I lost my virginity and The unorthodox way I finally lose that blood cherry

Well many month had pass since Christine and I shared that awkward first kiss in the stair well at school and the first of our many wild phones sex that we had and throwing in I’m still am dating my fiancé Jackie it been a wild pass few month for me just to say

Well over pass month Christine and I relationship has grown as we have came to be very close even those she at this time she three year younger than me and for horny as teenager who many of girls at school wouldn’t give me time day because I’m not Jock. In last chapter we covered how Christiane and I started down this road but we did and here we are this night I would become a man

At this time we are deep in the month of January, and time was running out quickly for me lose my virginity before I turn 18. Well I was only told like two day before this that Christine was coming over for sleepover with my sister Vicki’s who was Christine best friend they did everything. But thinking back on now I really think Christine jumped at change to take our sexual phone sex relationship into the real world.

Well at this time both my sister and i lived at home with our adopted mom and my step dad ( going leave their name out of this) we live his huge four room has in which we had turned the basement in two bedroom down stairs. My room was unfinished addition to house by previous owner but it had its perks walk in closet and bathroom that didn’t work at time was most used store junk in but here I am rambling again I’m worse at that sorry

I was still working at a Hardee’s down from house and this morning day I believe I worked the breakfast shift this day so by the time I got home work I was so ready to get out of work uniform head straight to the shower. So this was about the time of day that Christine parents drop off at the house .

If I remember correctly it was either I was just coming up from basement heading to shower and not thinking Christine would show up there that very moment. I knew she soon be there but didn’t know when. So I grabbed my change of clothes and head up the stairs shirtless. I didn’t do anything that I didn’t Usually do. It was my normal routine I didn’t wear a shirt I when heading to take an shower. So yet I thought nothing of it being shirtless when came up the stairs leading from our basement. When I around the corner lead into our kitchen making my way in direction of the bathroom with my change clothes in my left hand and yellow bath towel slung over my right shoulder.

Here where things change .when I reach the area of our kitchen where opening to the family room door was located that when I bumped in christine as she was entering into kitchen. I look up at her and said “ sorry about that Christine I wasn’t watching where I was going.” She just had this look on her face, one of awestruck. She had never seen me half nude before (well shirtless)and I could see the wheels starting to turn in her mind and giant smile appeared on her face as she said “ Hello to you to Scott you really need pay closer attention where your walking you nearly knocked me over there!”

After make sure nobody was watching she ran her hand through my chest hair and give me quick wink. I just smile at her and said “ yeah that what my mom keeps is telling me good to see you Christine” I give her quick wink back and started head into the direction of bathroom

As made my way to bathroom Christine call out my name “ Hey Scott ?l” which causes me stopping in my track just shy of bathroom door. I turned around face her “ Yes Christine what up?”Christine said “ why you taking your shower so early in evening for?” I know in back of my mind she playing a game because I could noticed she slightly turn on seeing me shirtless for first in her life. Thinking back on this many year removed . Why wouldn’t she be? I mean at this point of time in my life in I was still quite skinny weighting no more than 135 pounds really no build to speak off. My late grandpa used to tease me all the time calling me beanpole due that how skinny I was during majority of teenage year.

I looked Christine and said “ Well Christine I just got home from working Opening shift at Hardee’s and I smell like fries’ deep fry chicken and I really want be getting this Funk smell off me why you ask?” with a little smirk one my face . Christine quickly look around making sure the coast was clear which it was since mom and my step had gone out the store and my sister had already gone down stairs mostly waiting very patiently for Christine get her ass down stairs. Christine walk over to and Whispered softly in my ear in a jokingly/flirtatious tone of Voice “ my only wish is that I could join you? My reply back to her was “that very tempting offer but we be so in trouble maybe next time”

That very moment both us could here my sister started hell Christine name out from down stairs it was loud enough to be where we was standing. My sister Vicki yelling from bottom of basement stair “ CHRISTIANE did you get lost? Don’t make me come up there slut!”

I could see it in her eyes she didn’t want to go but I told her “ you had best be going my sister will have major BITCH fit if she come up here and see standing here looking at me with look in your eyes it won’t be pretty trust me”

This when Christine reluctantly agreed and turn started walk away in direction of the basement but stopped turn her head towards me and said “yeah your right she will blow her gasket ( wave her hand in air) damn your ass does stink to high heaven.. (said in seductive tone of voice) but all that food smell is making me quite hungry” I laughed and said to her as made her way to end of kitchen right before you turn the corner go down stairs “ yeah yeah you know you want it” and throw up my right hand in front my with two fight up flicking my tongue between them as if I eat pussy sign

She saw me doing that with my fingers she laughed said to me “ you never know what might happen so keep it up” by now my sister had made up to the stairs and was waiting Christine at top of the stairs I couldn’t see the look on my sister face and I didn’t need to the tone of her voice was all I need “ Damn Christine you here to spend the night we with me not screw my brother gotta it slut!” “ Yeah yeah yeah Vicki whatever you say come tramp show me your room” Christine said as their voices dissipated as the farther they descendants down the basement stairs.

After all that with Christine it made me wonder what she had in store. because keep this one point fresh in your mind. Neither Christine or myself made any plan to do anything at sexual of Nature before she came over. The strange thing was later that night after we did what we were going end up doing she told me exactly when she made up her mind. It has something to how she saw me when walk in the door. But I’m not going give that tidbit away that easy to find out that your going have keep on reading .all I’m going say is this the event of this night were a Prime example of being in right place at right time.

Well I now finally was able take my shower and it took little longer that it usually did because I was ver turn on from Christine and my exchange a little bit ago. While I stood there in the shower butterball naked allowing the lukewarm water rush over my short dirty blonde hair and the water flowing down the length of my body. Every time I when to try start washing my body. It seem that i keep falling into this strange daydreaming state where I was fantasizing that door to bathroom open and someone walking into bathroom. Didn’t who ever it was know I was taking a shower. But then hear the person undress and then without noticed the shower curtain being pull open and low and be hold who was stepping in shower now completely naked Christine and I didn’t the daydream to end because she when straight for my dick and suck me off until a blow at least three loads in her mouth then blow another few load in her ass and her pussy. But knock on door keep awake me from that Pleasant daydream it was my light sister Vicki yell tell me “hurry hell up in there other people need the warm water for shower and need to use the bathroom for fuck sakes.

But I didn’t want this Fantasy to end I was enjoy unloading my steamy loads in every hole Christine had. But I had snap out off before my mom Or stepfather came a knocking . I so I quickly wash my hair with shampoo and body with body wash. washing every inch of me then as knocking had Now turned into pounding I quickly rinse off both hair and body and reach up turn off the water opening the shower curtain I grab a hold of my yellow towel quickly had possible dry off . I just had enough time put on my underwear and khaki short when my sister came to door once again and she yell “ Michael Scott Cline get fuck out of the bathroom right now damn you I have to pee” opening the door still slightly dipped drying small beads of water still were streaming down my stomach and back.

My sister literally push me out of bathroom door as she made her way into bathroom. “ what the fuck man can’t a man take nice hot shower after coming home from work?” I said as walk pass my mom and stepdad heading to basement steps. My mom step in front of me and in raise tone of voice “ Michael Scott Cline ( any kids when your parents use your full name your in trouble) you know we don’t allow that type of language to be used.. you know better especially when we have guest over !” I just dropped my head and said “ yes ma’am it won’t happen again. “ it had better not now get down stairs and finish drying off I have order pizzas and should be here soon” that one word made my head Spring up like an Jack in the box. I was sure hoping she got it from pizza den l loved their pizza. So rush down the basement stairs heading to room

When reach the bottom of stairs I noticed Vicki door was open and christine was sitting on bed watching tv and I want in and give her quick kiss on the lips before turning to leave room this when Christine look up and ask “ hey what was that for? I turned to her and said “ for one hell of Fantasy I had of you while i was in shower that why!” Christine just busted out laughing and rolling around on my sister bed she said to me as was leaving the room “ damn that why you were take so damn long in the shower.. must be good then” I stuck my head back in door and said “ sure was but I only wish it hadn’t been a Fantasy.” I said with smirk on my face as I head over to my room across the hall to my room to get my work clothes lay out for next morning for work and to watch little television before the pizza arrives and boy was I hungry but as lay on my been watching the TV I couldn’t keep my thoughts from of Christine.

Hell we talked about and had phone sex many time to this very scenario she come over my house or me to her and it alway end up the same us fucking ! I couldn’t help think I am Dreaming or I’m going wake up this just another one our wild phone sex chat. I was getting turn on just think about her sexy ass just across the hall. Man I was praying please Lord let tonight be night that I finally get this 10,000 pound gorilla off my shoulders. What 10,000 pound gorilla on your shoulder one may be asking them self . Well that 10,000 pound gorilla would be damn Virginity. I been doing best hold for Jackie so we could take each other cherry. But an Golden opportunity sits just across the hall. Hopefully I strike gold to night .

Moments later my mom call to us from top of stairs “ Ok guy pizza here come and get it while hot” so i stood up my bed and look down “‘damn it can’t go anywhere with that standing up !” Well I when over to the bathroom in room now if you remember earlier on in this chapter I told you the basement bathroom wasn’t working I lie the toilet work but not the shower. After I finish I said to my self boy I’m glad i noticed that one. Imagine me walking upstairs with a full-fledged Boner. I would have been in so much trouble it funny or Christine would drug me by arm back down the basement stairs misty screwed me my brain out. Which didn’t seem to bad of idea to me.

A few minutes later I had finally made my way up stairs and my sister and Christine and all ready got their pizza they were sitting on back side of the table so I took my place at table sitting across from Christine and no more than a second after me sitting down at table what did start feeling on my bare legs it was Christine rubbing her foot up and down my leg and I sitting there try my best not think about it because if I had I would have surely had a raging hard one.

I thought well if she can play these game so can I so I returned the favor my I started rub my own foot on her legs. After a few minutes she shoot me that look of you better stop before I rape your ass right here in front of your parents. I just smiled and keep rubbing her leg as long she was rubbing my. About thirty minutes later all pizza had been eating and i help my mom clean up pizza box by taking them out to trash can as girl when down stairs to do there thing

One finish with pizza box in return to my bedroom to chill and watch some tv before I had head to bed around 10 so I could get up in Morning for work had be there by four in morning. Since Christine was here as My Sister’s guest I wasn’t around them very because I didn’t want be that pesky older brother cramping their time together. But I was kind turned on that the fact Christine was literally there at the house and christine sexy ass was just a cross the hall.

If the truth be told, I do believe the both of us were trying to figure out how Christine could manage to slip away without be noticed by my sister. Even though she there as my sister guest. I had hunch that Christine some sort of plan up her sleeve, just waiting for right time to set into motion.

Sitting there alone in my room with the TV on some show but i was really paying attention to it because my mind on this fucking sexy as young Lady across the hall who had been teasing the shit out of me all night long. I most have been fantasizing about her watching though my door at least 1000 times and ever time the second she step into my room we would end up with me passionately kissing with each other tongue wrestle in each other mouths and I would waste a

Second getting her into my bed and stripping her clothes off one by one tossing into my basement floor.

I know I surely would be going after her like sexual crazy mad man driven purely on a burning lust and then once I had her completely naked I would step about bang the holy dog shit out of her over and over until she could take any more basically she wouldn’t be able walk straight when she when back over to my sister room but pure fantasies. Has much as want and was pleading for her just walk through that door one time. She never did. Was i sad yes I was no better yet piss off oh hell yeah I was she playing game with mind and teasing all fucking night not coming though in end man it felt like all near miss i had with my Fiancé Jackie roll into one it was crushing. On top of that i was going one worse case blue ball ever.

So some were around 10:00 to 10:30 I basically give up on the idea tonight would night I would final get this 10,00 pound gorilla off my back. So I got change for bed because I really need to be getting to be bed because 03:00 came earlier ass in morning why 3 o’clock in morning damn I had be in work by 4 started get the breakfast food ideas cooked and be ready to open at 5:00

So before turning in for evening I walk over to tell the girl good night their door was close so I hope they hadn’t gone to sleep for night yet. I knock on the door and heard my sister call out “ come in it open” I ask “ are you guys decent?” “ no ha ha we butterball naked but come on in yes fuck stick we decent”Christine chimed in so I open the door and walk in to tell them both good night “ well girl I have good work in morning so I going bed and I’ll hopefully get off of work in time to see you before you leave in afternoon tomorrow Christine it be great having you around the house tonight”

As turn walk out of the room I stop just for moment to Glance over my right shoulder at Christine for moment and she had this sadness look on her face as if she was literally watching her chance of screwing me go up in flame before her eyes and I felt same way but I’m should have been getting used to it now I mean all those Golden opportunities with Diana and Jackie Now I had enough name add to that growing list Christine So with heavy heart I turned in for what I thought was going to be night. Distant for night of dreams oh what might have been . But that all was about to change in hurry.

Around Midnight for some freak reason I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep to save my life if it count on it. So i made the Ultimate decision that would change my life forever. I was tired of just laying struggling to go back to sleep so I said fuck it and got up out of my bed andwhen a cross the hall to my sister room hoping beyond hope they were still a wake . So I took deep breath and knocked on door lightly so not wake my mom and step father that last thing I need right now for them to wake up.

I knocked again this time I heard my sister “ say come in we still wake” . So I opened the door and when inside there sitting before me was christine and my sister sitting on bed watching tv so ask them if I could join them and my sister say sure and christine face lite up bright like there still a chance to screw him after all

As took a seat on my sister bed I could tell Christine was deep in thought guess I have to imagine she was say to herself “ok christine he wake now and sitting here on his sister bed not being able to sleep how am going get him to screw me before he decided got back sleep. Then it was as if light bulb with off inside of her head and she cleared her throat and said “ hey guy want to play true or dare?”

I was kind of shocked she want to play truth or dare and I thought about for few minutes trying to figure out how the three of us were going play true or dare . Because in truth sometimes those dare can get pretty out rages and it was only the three of us two girls and one those girl being my sister and it not like I hadn’t thought about fucking my Sister before but how was this going work out. But I look at christine then my sister and said I’m game if she is?

To my surprise my sister face also lite up on one condition there couldn’t be any sexual dare issues to my sister to do me or Vice versa Ok nothing incest in nature but those fair ground other my sister said” christine and I both agree and christine look at me said clear as day “Scott no matter what the dare I alway do them” I was taken back I thought I was dream so I had her repeat what she just had said just make I was hearing her correctly I took deep breath and said to christine can repeat that one more time I just want make sure I hear you correctly” Christine took ahold of my hand and look me direct in to my eyes “ Scott no matter what the Dare I all Do then”

Ok thought to my ok I did hear her correctly about what had said doing the dare and at that moment thousands of idea when racing through my mind and I was getting kind excited I know the there was an Ultimate dare I had in mind but I really want to test the water to see how far was she really willing to go with these dare promise that she just made. If I played my card right i just might lose my virginity after all.

So we all when and sat in the floor of my sister bedroom and we started the game I can’t remember how we decided who when first but I do know for sure that this how we were sitting in floor it myself then to my left was my sister and on my right side was Christine.

So we decided that we would go clock Wise the order was Vicki then it would be Myself turn the Christine Which made easy for me to target christine for dare that if I play my card right I would be no longer Virgin by end of game hopefully that is. Oh there one more rule add just second before we start the game Vicki said “you had at least do truth question at least every other round”we all agreed to this rule .So Vicki started off the game by ask me truth or dare question and I said truth Vicki thought it for second then ask me “ Scott why did it take so long for you to take your shower earlier? I thought to myself shit should gone for dare but I had said truth. So said because I was fantasizing that Christine was in shower with me.... “ doing what do to her don’t stop”my sister demand

I look at my sister and then back at christine and said “ that I was screw her brains out” and I quickly looked towards the floor back up at christine who had big smile on her face now my sister was wide eyed in state of shock .I looked at my sister and said you have totally honest when answering a truth question when ask. Oh ok let move along shall we next it was my turn ask christine a truth or dare question and of course she said dare and once again said no matter the dare I alway do them like she was just begging me to dare her fuck me but I being the Very Overly cautious when come these kind of question having been burn more that once in passed so I cautiously dare her the following Christine I dare you give me a BJ” I said and christine said ok but it will have wait until end of game I said ok I’m down with that think to myself as it was now christine turn ok now that I have test the one now I go in for dare I had in mind but I was hesitant but decided hell what worse could she say choose another dare and how would my sister react to me flat you dare her best friend to take my virginity.

I don’t remember much of game it kind of a blur these many year later but few things are seared in my memory as if was just yesterday we played the game. I know the next round she answered a truth question per rules agreed upon like how many guys have slept with and her response was about 10 or so different ages and the next round I dared to French Vicki and to my surprise she did and now came the final around Vicki ask me some stupid questions that could tell you what it was the it was my turn and it was dare round and felt it the right time pull the trigger if i was ever going to and so I ask her truth or dare hoping she would said dare because I had finally work enough courage to actually dare her to fuck me

It felt like hours time was crawling by that slow for me it those following few seconds and she had done every dare so far and she keep telling me every Time no matter the dare I do it so knowing this was final round she said dare and I dare her to give me a blow job and she agreed so I didn’t hesitate a moment in saying the following christine I dare you to fuck me” and immediately her face lite up as if those were the words she has be wait for whole game with big smile on her face she ok but it going have wait until we finish up . I was so excited that finally I was going to get this 10,000 pound gorilla off my shoulder. I was only moments away from losing my virginity then I quickly look at my sister to see if she was going put a stop to this or let actually ride.

To my surprise she didn’t object but stood up said I’ll going bed now to have fun. So the game was official over and now came time to see if Christine really did all her dare or not. She stood up from the ground and walk over to her purse that sitting on my sister dresser and reach in pull out a white small bag and i know right off bat what it was it was a condom so may time in pass

I had came this far with my girlfriend Jackie many times in pass only for not having one of these or having them disappear from my bag keep us from going all the way .Now it was really going happen. She walk up to me and placed the condom pack in my hand and the told me go get ready while she when to bath room to change clothes and get her self ready. My heart was pounding a mile a second and it look like I was drunk person walking back to my room. So I when sat on my bed with this condom pack Square in palm of my hand.

I know this was wrong on so many levels one I was about cheat on love of my life Jackie who so dearly want to be my first and second christine was only fourteen year old and everything else that could go wrong started flood my mind like what happen if I’m inside of her bang away and condom bust and I can’t pull quick enough and I pump my whole load into her would she get pregnant and if she got pregnant how would her mom react these were legitimate concerns that was coursing though my mind as i sat there on bed waiting on her to return.

I really came close to nipping it in butt before it even started.this was my first time and i really didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I seen on porn tapes before but never actually done it.I sat there thinking about lot thing .I would be any good .would she let me eat her out or would get all work up and blow my load before she even got my dick in her mouth or what If I really sucked at making love she would hate me and surely regret ever doing me in first place. Looking down at the condom in my hand.How hell do you put one these damn thing on. Was there wrong and right to put one .God For cry out loud here people I fucking Virgin after all I never had used a condom before other than fucking lose them the last time l handle them one of them.

To be honest I was scared shitless . Trying not show it to her was going harder thing I ever did. I want the first time be special and here I am about to lose my virginity on dare. How fucking low can you go. It like your so God damn desperate that spend whole looking for hole fuck. I felt so guilty on so many levels cheating my girlfriend who love. If she found out she would surely end our relationship because of it could even go thought with it

But suddenly I head foot step coming down the basement stairs and now i have whole new set worries to worry about was it mom or my stepdad coming down to check on us. Oh the shit would have surely hit the fan if it had been one of them my heart pounding a second a min I held my breath as foot step reach the bottom of stairs then same foot step start coming in my Direction it felt like an eternity but to my relief it was only Christine making her appear in the Thrush way of my bedroom door sitting there watch her standing there was like 1000 of my Fantasy I had about her finally coming true.

Has soon as she step into door i stood up and removed my khaki brown short letting them hit the floor and made my way over to her by now I had massive boner that tent boxer I had on. I reach her and our head lend side way and our lips made tight seal our lips parted like Red Sea and our steamy wet saliva Drenched tongues slip into each other mouth and it felt so good even if we had done it many time before this was special I was going not fuck her but I want to make love to her .our tongues were very hungry as they wrestle around in each other mouths both our hand were going each way up down side to side every way which there was. I been die to see her breast and take her nipples in mouth. I want to experience everything that came with losing your virginity.

We made our way to my bed and I when lift off her shirt. It came off easier than I ever had dreamed and her massive tits Spring free so naturally hang thee like two giant watermelons swaying in air. I ask her “ may I touch them ?” Like some kid in candy story and she said “ sure have at them” so I push her back on bed and smothered both of her massive tits with loads of saliva running my tongue was corner to corner and she moan very softly. That seem weird to me but ok she must have reason for doing it that way. I reach top of her right breast and ran my saliva drenched tongue over her nipples take them into my mouth sucking as if I was new born baby grasping at his mother nipples for very first time. Than did the same for the next until both of nipples hard has rock and she moan softly again and again each time my tongue ran over her hard nipples

While was doing that my hands and fingers race down toward her waist and slip into her PJ pants and finally it her panties. She was already wet and her juices were following the feel of it touching my hand just drove me wilder. I want in that pussy and want in now I been wait since day I was fight break free of my mother womb to get back in one and after many set back I was going slip my now pulsating dick in a hole in i was born so many year ago ( well not same home)

This when Christine stand up and look at me said “‘Scott I want you enjoy your first time but we really need move along where that condom I give you” as I reach for condom pack on the bed Christiane reach down pull down the boxers I was wearing and my pulsating dick flop down in front of her face “ damn Scott your bigger that I ever dreamed and she ran her tongue over tip of my dick and God it fucking felt good I so want her take my whole dick into her mouth suck on like she would a lollipop.

But I got an sense that there wasn’t going time for that when I when open condom pack and when it open and I saw the color I was shock it was bright pink condom. But hell it wasn’t something I was going be keeping it would throw away at end. All my worries seem to have melt way as place bright Pink condom at very tip over dick and slide down all way to base of my shift. By now Christine had pull down her pants and panties and was laying thighs spread out wide in the Dim lite room I could see her lips of pussy that covers lead to her love canal in which was my dick solo desired resting place

Christine kick off her pants and panties and then she grab ahold of my wist pulled me in towards her guide me into her as Traffic control operator would airplane guide me deeper between her luscious thighs. As near her mount I could feel the scorching heat that her pussy was putting out and I so wanted to bury my head between her leg when to town but with time being of the essence that would have wait other day

Has got close to her love mount the more of her scorching body heat radiated against my exposed flesh. Finally I was just at entrance of her pussy moments away from becoming a man.I look down at her as I grab ahold of my pulsating dick with my hand gently rub it over her extremely inflamed clit torturing her just slightly and I said to her “ are sure you want to through with this I won’t be mad if you change your mind” Christine softly moan over and over has rub my tip over her very sensitive G spot . She propped herself up slightly with her elbows and look me directly in the eyes and said“ Scott know from very moment that I saw you shirtless this afternoon noon that this how we would have end up hell I want to take you right there then. I’m sorry you not getting the full experience of your first time if we only had time I would suck you dry and would allow you bury your face in pussy i was so looking for to it may know time I sure hope you are enjoying this.

I looked down at her and said “ don’t be sorry about damn thing your doing something even Grander. You about to take my virginity and turning me from an boy to a man I love you Christine and just not saying because you letting me make love to you but because i mean it from bottom of my heart I will most likely many parter after you but your alway have special place in heart for being my first

I could see tears of joy form in her eyes and now she was bucking her hip wild and know it was time for me slide it in finish become man look down at her and ask “ may I enter you Christine?” She took deep breath and said “ are sure you put on condom the right way?” “ sure I did how hard is to put one on just roll it on down the base of shift” I said confidently. Christine nod head yes “No Christine i want you tell me you want me slide my dick into your love canal.” “ Scott shut up fuck me all ready how that for answer for you ?” “ Good enough for me! Here we go!”

I press the very tip of my dick down into her sloppy wet love canal and she was tighter than I thought she would have been for as many men as she had been ‘ thrust by thrust of my hips the deeper in I sank into her wetness if she was moaning I sure couldn’t hear her .I stop once to ask her “ am in ? “ yes baby your in no longer a Virgin! And quite deep indeed” she toss her head back as she wrap her thigh around my wist push me even farther in her love canal and as we when i was look for sign of her facial expressions of Pleasure and there was some but not as I was expecting so stop once again and ask her “ please tell what I doing wrong because it doesn’t seem like you enjoying it”I said “ no no your doing fine better than what you would expect from Virgin keep going pounding my pussy baby” she said

so that exactly what I did I started thrusting my hips as hard and fast i could go the bed was rocking hard with each thrust and she thrust her hip at same rate of speed and damn even though she wasn’t make any noice other an slightly soften moan every now then. As I pound way deep in her canal I look down at her ask why wasn’t she make any noice she look up at me in between our matching thrust and she said “well I have learn to control my moans it came all other time I was with other men when I had to silent like now we don’t want let your mom know now do we?” “ You know it baby at least let know when your about to cum so we can cum at same time” I said

Just than the door of room fly open for minute I thought it was my mom both Christine and I nervously look towards the door. But instead of my parents, it my younger sister and boy was she pissed rightly so I mean I was fucking her Best friend “Oh my God I didn’t think you too would actually going to do it. Please Scott tell me your wearing an condom?” As I was pounded way into Christine pussy turned my head said to her “ Yes Vicki I’m ok now get the hell out of here so we enjoy this!” “I’m not going tell mom......... Now hurry hell up finish this up! (What I hear her say is what is written above Boy was I wrong) “You had better not tell if you know what good for you now fuck off already. We be finishing when we damn good and ready right Christine” “ this is his first time and he going to enjoy it”Christine said “Damn she alway could ruin an wet dream” I said ( as my sister exited the room) “I do believe she thought I was joking when I told you all way do my dare!” “I’m just glad that you were serious!” “ But Scott she right we do need hurry up a little. But take your time to enjoy it ok” she said I nodded lower my head bend down suck on her nipples a little “ Oh I’m enjoying the fuck out this Christine!” I said

(Oh I was enjoying it very Very much, But with her being so

Quiet and not showing much signs of getting any pleasure from it to me it felt like I fucking hole in ground I want more damnit) all this was new to me and roses and her five sister didn’t even compare to real thing. How could it i mean it would be like comparing a go cart to stock car all different moving part of woman body. I was honored she take my virginity I was in seven heaven. I didn’t want it to ever stop. But as much as control building pressure it was no use.

We both when at it for another 15 to 20 min both going full tilt. I was starting tire a little and I know Christine pussy had to be get somewhat Raw for me the pressures in my dick really began to building.I known I was getting close when I felt the muscles in my Testicles start to tighten and those muscles were tell me they were just about ready to start pushing my massive load of streamy cum up out of my nuts then it wouldn’t be very long afterwards that my steamy cum would erupted out from end of my dick. (I imagine it would just be like lava exploding from a volcano)I could tell by Christine breathing and the tightening of the muscles in her cunt around my dick told she was about ready to blow as well.

(Heavy breathing) “ OH MY GOD! I think I’m about to CUM!!! Are you about there Christine? please I want us cum at same time!” (Heavy Breathing)<softly spoken > “ I am to should any time now ahhhhhhhhhh hooooo” she said Just as she said that my muscles in my dick began to Spasm I could feel the muscles in the wall of her pussy clap down upon my dick as if was literally milking the massive load streamy cum that now rushing though the full length of my pulsating dick and I felt her entire body tighten up stiff as board she tightened the grip that her thighs on my my wist. I know she was about come i could see it in her eyes. Both of our body began to Convulse both our breath deep even deep . She dug her nail in my back

All sudden I felt the first of many wave of my steamy cum erupted out from tip of my dick and hit the impact spot of the condom it set shock wave coursing though my body then the second massive load blow followed by small three wave and by the four waves at sametime I felt the first wave of her intensive orgasm flow over the rubber tip of the condom her scorching juice just separate from mine by thin rubber Barrier than cams second wave closely followed by weak three and on four wave the muscles in her cunt had loosen it Death grip on my dick and her body relax.

My muscles in arms and shoulders give out unable hold my weight My body collapsed down on to her body and our lips locked in might power struggle our tongues were fully trenched in other mouth. A kiss that last for about five min before we unlock our lip from each other .If I had my way I would stay inside her cunt all night but I couldn’t be my dick was starting to soften slightly so I need pull out of her before it became to soft

“ Scott I don’t want you pull out but you need to so we get condom off you ok ?” Christine say with a whisper “ok but I don’t want to I love this feeling?” Had put a little protest but i began to withdraw from her pussy looking at my dick as it reappeared as I watch my dick slip from her pussy I noticed the bright pink condom was missing and this when I got very alarmed and Christine could noticed my face expression of one of concern borderline terrified she shot up and she said “ what wrong Scott the color is your face as wash out like you seen a ghost? “ UM HOUSTON WE HAVE MAJOR PROBLEM!”I said while pointing down to my naked dick

Christine sat on the bed very quickly “ what wrong Scott ?” A I was frozen with fear all I could is point to my naked dick“ GOD DAMN SCOTT talk to me what wrong ?”Christine demand “THE CONDOM GONE it not on my dick” I said with trembling voice. As soon those word escaped my lips an look of scheer horror and desperation appear on her face because she know what Exactly happen and she set about fishing the condom from inside her pussy. My heart was pounding a second an min. I watched in horror as she pull the used bright pink condom from her pussy.

As soon as has removed it fully from her pussy she look

Up at me said “‘Damn it Scott I thought you told you know how put one of these on?” Still shaking “ I thought that how put it on I’m sorry ( starts to cry) I didn’t think there was right way and wrong way put one on damn it I’m sorry?” I said Christine lift up condom a notice it was half empty this I really got nervous because I had pumped a hell of a lot more into it “ Christine does that mean some of it leak out while it was inside of you? She just nod her head “ Oh shit ! With that Amount my cum still inside could you get pregnant damn it what fucking moron I am” I said

Christine reach over to a hold of me said “ Calm the FUCK down SCOTT ok I on the pill just in case of situations like this so I highly doubtful I would pregnant ok so your safe there” she said as walk over trash can tossed condom away then came back and sit down on bed beside me. She could tell my look on my face that I felt like an moron and was kicking myself for not double check the instructions that came

With the condom. I looked at her and said “ those pill are only 99.99% effective so there still that 1% chance (I took ahold of her hand look Square in eyes) if you did become pregnant I would marry you because no child of my is going to be an bastard.” Christiane look at me said “ I know you would Scott. But you need not worry Ok I not going get pregnant ok”

“Look like I have the next four weeks to worry about!Because you just had you cycle last week right!?” I said “ Yes how did you know Scott” she ask “ One you told me last week we couldn’t have phone sex because you were on rag remember?” “ oh that right I did that right but you need not worry Scott I’m won’t get pregnant ok so calm down ok” she said then she got from my bed put her panties and pant back on give quick kiss on lips

Once she left my room i fell right to sleep later she came back and asked if still any in tank I guess she remember she forgot about Blow Job but i just give this look and she turn around left


Well in aftermath of this i found i had misheard my sister the night before become the next after Christine had left we were getting out of van at local food lion and she ask me if I was going to tell my and I told her “ hell no you crazy?” She look at me say “‘I told you last night when walk in on you that if you had better tell mom or I will !” “ oh no you said you were going tell her ?” “ yeah but if you didn’t I was going to so what if going to be Scott? I didn’t say word as walk into store and for some damn reason she wait until mom had buggy full food and was half way in store that crowd of people ask me again and I told her it none mom business ok so leave alone” “well Christine told me about the condom coming off and that is only reason I’m pushing this either you tell her or i will” I didn’t say word . So what did my sister do in middle of crowd grocery store she told my mom about what happen and i never seen my mom as mad as she was that day she push her buggy full food and drug me out of store my ear. Oh the shit really hit fan when we got home. I never hate my sister more that day for Betraying me like she did .

I was grounded for month, Christine was ban from house and for now on as long I lived at home no girl we allowed in my room To make thing worse I had break news To my fiancée Jackie on her sweet sixteen birthday when they call invite me out to go celebrate itI thought I had lose her but for some reason she forgive me. The next four weeks were worse of my life .

Weeks before this all happen a local radio station held super bowl giveaway to the grand prize winner a 50 inch flat screen tv and super bowl party for 15 or by 30 of your closes friend with food and drink and works oh I was listening to the radio and knew they were going call because they only did the entrance contest for Super Bowl thing one time and I won it when I heard we’re going call I rush up stair and as soon around the corner the phone rang and my pick up and ask for me and she bluntly told sorry he ground and hung up phone. I was on pin and noodles those four week worried that may have gotten Christine pregnant. The best word I heard all that my was from Christine that she has started her cycle but with condom coming off inside her when mom found how many men she had been with she made go health department get check let say that little q-tip rolling around the inside tip of penis didn’t feel the best it fucking hurt but all my test came back ok

Sorry again for long Winded story but it was important that I told you whole story in next chapter you will meet Stephanie my second sex partner who I came to wish was one who took my virginity