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The Retirees Club (13)

2022-07-03 00:00:04

I did a lot of thinking over the next couple of days. Six months ago, I was a happily married straight guy with a good sex life. Sure, I fantasized about doing sexual things with a guy and that typical curiosity did float around once in a while. Then, wham, my wife dies in a wreck, it turns out she was unfaithful, and I decide to move away, maybe a bit of escapism. Then I get seduced by a bunch of guys, get involved with a marital scrap, chase off somebody who had bad intent with legal implications, end up fifteen large ones richer, and finally have sex with a transsexual. Quite good sex too.

I kept up with my gym habit, though the weather was getting chillier so I didn't run outdoors so much. And for the next couple of days after my good times with Andie, I hung around the café longer than usual to enjoy her company.

I wondered if Bill and Molly had reached any conclusion about their relationship. Since Molly had gotten me to fuck her in front of Bill, would he let that slide? I asked Andie to let me know if any rumors floated around. I hoped that they'd go the route of the open marriage, I wouldn't mind taking Bill's handsome little cock in my mouth again. And, of the guys I'd sucked off, he had the least offensive tasting cum of the bunch. And I got regular erections thinking about him fucking my face again.

I didn't have to wait long to find out the answer to that one. I got a call from Molly asking me if I wanted to get together with her. I didn't know how much I trusted the bitch but she was a good lay, so I got going on some questions. "So did you guys come to some conclusion, or do you just want to get laid?"

Molly didn't flinch. "We've decided, for now, to have an open relationship. He goes back with the guys and I'm free to have an outside affair."

"I don't know, Molly. Let me think on it."

"OK, but my right hand is getting tired. I loved fucking you."

"Thanks, I'll be in touch."


The next day I saw Bill when I left the café. He invited me to sit in the lobby with him, and led off with, "I hear you talked to Molly."

I asked him if what she said was true. "Yeah, but there are a couple of stipulations I insisted on. We're keeping our number of sexual partners small, and we hide nothing." It was good to hear that the manipulator wasn't dictating terms.

I said, "I think that's a good sign, Bill. Maybe she'll stop using sex as a weapon."

He thought for a couple of seconds, then said, "It was that obvious to you? I didn't figure that out till last week."

I gave him a little guy shoulder slap and smiled. "I hope you deal with that ok. By the way, I'm not sure if I want to fuck her again. What do you think?"

"I don't care if she gets it somewhere else, as long as she doesn't shut me off. Fuck away, if you want." Pause. "But I'd love to spend some time with you myself, this time without her around. If you can forgive me for not standing up to her."

"As long as you forgive me for helping her to humiliate you."

"Deal. Anyway, I got laid and got to suck your cock, so it wasn't all bad."

The thought was giving me a hard one. I took a swig of my coffee, and asked, "You busy today?" Bill smiled and said that he'd make room on his calendar, and laughed.

I finished my coffee and we left for my place. Too bad we were out in public, I could have walked arm in arm, or grabbed his ass. Soon enough we got to my place and went right to the bedroom. Bill started to open my pants and I just let him go for it. He slid his hand up and down the lump in my crotch and said, "I've missed this big boy. Sometimes I think about burying it in my mouth, and feeling it throb. You have a sexy cock."

"And I think about your handsome stiff cock fucking my mouth. I've pulled it off to that thought more than once." Bill now had my pants open and started pulling them down. My seven incher popped out and pointed towards him. He reached for it and gave it a couple of strokes, then brought his face down and licked all around my dick head. I pulsed, and he put his mouth on my pole, slathered me up good, and went right down so his nose was in my short hairs. That made me moan, and say, "Damn, Bill, you are so good at sucking cock. Your blowjob was my first guy BJ and you spoiled me." He hummed a little then started to slide up and down on me.

He kept this up for a while; I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling. After a bit, started to think about his package, and I said, "Damn, Bill, I want some cock too." He slid off my member, with a huge smile, and stood up. I felt him up, and even his little man made a lump in his pants. I took down his pants then slid them off his feet. I got up in the middle of the bed, and told him, "Get up here and give it to me, Bill." He climbed up on the bed and straddled my chest, and leaned down until his cock was approaching my mouth. I pointed it straight, and he slid it in. I loved his cock in my mouth. He began to hump my face right away, and I thought I was going to cum right away. No, I didn't lose it, but his humping was getting faster already. He said, "God damn it, I need to cum" and humped faster. I grabbed his hips and encouraged his motion, and in less than a minute, he started to grunt and slowed down his motion. I sucked him hard, he buried his cock in my mouth and cried out, "Ahhhhh…". I felt him pulse in my mouth and then his load of semen filled my mouth. I was grunting too, and he surprised me by climbing down and putting his mouth on my hard cock. No shit, he only slid onto me about four times when I was hit fast by my orgasm. My cock pulsed hard and the pleasure just flowed all over me and I squirted in his mouth about five times. I could tell Bill was swallowing, and gave my balls a touch. that made me throb again.

Bill gave one more gulp to swallow, then let my deflating dick out of his mouth. He climbed back up by me and laid down. We actually dozed off a bit. That's ok when you're with another guy.

Presently, we got dressed and I made us some sandwiches. He told me that he was pretty sure he'd be good with the arrangement with his wife. He asked me how the legal arrangements were going, and I told him about the protection order against my wife's lover's family. I kept the hush money to myself, no need for him to know that.

Before he left, Bill asked me if I would consider coming back with the guys. "I'm not sure. Tom let himself be blackmailed and Frank didn't say anything about it. Let me think on things."

"Sure," he said. He took off and I did a little house cleaning. And started thinking about my meeting with Ed the next day.