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Space Odysseum 2201: First Contact

2022-05-13 00:00:04

Chapter I

The following tale is a depiction of pure speculations and the result of wild imagination. It guides the reader through the maze of problems an Anal Etiquette space crew have to overcome in order to survive and save the Planet from a menace unseen before! They may not make it without your active advice and support! This is a story is not for the faint hearted. The warning are in the tags - if you see anything you don't like do not read it...

The year is 2201 A.C. The Dragonfly-E3 maintenance shuttles approached the freight drone Moe - B2 241 at 01:40 a.m. standard Earth time the hailed on it's military frequencies. No response was received and while copilot Lt. Stuller tried all other open waves the shuttle reached their target within visible distance of their lenses. Senior Lieutenant capt. Corbin asked to place image from the cameras on the big screen and when co-pilot Casey followed her orders, the crew froze from the sight they witnessed. As if from a horror movie Moe – B2 241 was floating in space with shut engines and no signs of life. Initial scans showed no indication of electrical impulses from within whatsoever. The secondary scan for living matter however came positive, but it clearly outlined some strange shapes and fluctuation as if the crew members were sleeping in very strange positions. The ship did not seem to have breaches anywhere on it's armour, but the oxygen level was dropping down. Currently the records were indicating very low. The engineers on E3 confirmed it was due to lack of circulation, caused by the total shutdown of all vital systems inside the drone. The computer calculated that there will be no breathable air within six hours, which meant the crew of the troubled spacecraft was in danger.

Captain Corbin acted immediately - she contacted her senior Ms Kelly Wanderman and introduced her to the situation. The order of the Old Lady was to explore the ship, taking extreme precaution. At least one crew member needed to be left behind in case something happens to the forwarding team. It was clear to all Lt. Stuller was favourable to keep himself safe, but it remained to be seen if his man pride could allow it. The plan was drawn and the Old Lady finished by informing her subordinates that as soon as she can get into contact with United Terran Space Force senior admirals Dragonfly E3 will be updated. In the meantime her own flag ship will set course to the incident.

After iterating the situation senior lieutenant Corbin created a more detailed approach how to go about this as her spacecraft approached the offline drone. It has obviously detached from the asteroid it has been mining from and simply floated a few kilometres away. It's internal barrels were still rotating by inertion though so some gravity would be maintained. In this state it was a bit hard to attach to the docks, but not imposable. Then the crew of E3 had to cut through the twelve meters tick layers of doors. The only fusion cutter at their disposal ran on battery which would surely need recharging. The process of recharging however was the favourite of captain Corbin and Lt. Casey. They eagerly jumped on the two biggest almost seven inched wide dildos and started pedalling. Yes the charger was actually a set of dildo bikes designed to provide energy when away from the ship. Lt. Stuller started cutting door after door under the supervision of the main Chef and appliances control Senior Sergent accountant Kayla.

When the last door was about to be sliced off all females had to vacate their anuses form the large heavy grid torture dildos they were riding and prepare for the mission. Although the two chicks started pretty aroused, looking at the darkness of the corridor visible through the window of the drone's dock door quickly cooled down their orgasm. Everybody dressed in the only suits available which were the resilient swimming space costumes with special vacuum zips at their behinds and breasts. For the first time in their lives however the crew members felt vulnerable.

For a century there were no major space conflicts, let alone catastrophes. If the scouting crew were to meet their first hostiles in their lives inside the offline drone, these spacesuits will not help much. Some of the female explorers left their ruined anuses left as they were, in case they had to run and others decided to plug themselves to the brim as usual just in case they need life support medications or ammunitions. Still those rear holes chosen to be on display empty were staying wide open of at least four inches or more, with a lot of prolapses. It was simply their natural state after decades of stretching and pulling. The captain herself had the biggest fallout of guts of all nearly seven inches long. She had to plug herself in order to be able to move freely. She inserted in her rear cave a seven inch wide heavy grid dildo that was of course nowhere near her limits. That is why she had to lock it in place within her costume or else it would fall out.

As the group entered the freely floating spacecraft the first thing they noticed was a few drops of slime on the counter next to the acceptance desk. There Lt. Casey remembered was the position of a receiving member of the crew she knew as Glenda. How UTSF ship border control operated was in line with regulation R-456, according to which all packages addressed for the personnel inside were accepted by the clerks through the checkouts. They had to be less then twelve inches wide and under two foot long because the scanning equipment was actually inserted in the anuses of the safety control officers. The big containers with ore and trading stock was checked thoroughly as well but by much more experienced and gifted officials. There was no chance for contraband this way with security in space so tight. After all can't allow dangerous ingredients to enter space ships that can cause outbreak of some sort or worse.

Back to the offline drone - following the slime on the desk Senior Lt. Corbin reached a lock keeping one of the two acceptance counters shut with a code. After tampering a little with the machine the high rank officer managed to manually force the shutter up. Immediately a strong and arousing smell shot into the air and then the group saw staff clerk Glenda stuffed inside. The woman in her mid forties was covered in dried up spunk sticking her limbs and body to the walls of the cupboard. Her anus was exposed to the side and a heap of eight inch wide eggs was currently present underneath it. The pile blocked the way no doubt of many others lodged inside the poor acceptance officer's guts with a visible bulge in her stomach. She still wore her gaper panties however specially designed for experienced back-door receiver masochist like her, holding it apart at astonishing twelve inches with spiked hooks. Glenda seemed to be half conscious, breathing heavy and her mouth was stuffed with something so she could not speak. The eyes of the Moe freight officer were shut, but muffled moans of pain and pleasure could be heard.

The rescue crew was still looking at each other not knowing what they were facing when suddenly the “analingus” warm attacked! It came out of the cupboard within the eggs and quickly launched itself at captain Corbin. The alien creature did not have teeth but it's force of impact opened the the zip a bit and wiggled it's way into the cavernous rare of the Senior. Lt. Stuller took out his blaster gun and tried to shoot the worm. Only too late – it already made it inside. Immediately two, tree, six, eight more worms lunched at Seniour Lt. Corbin from under the same cabinet. A few found access through the same hole in the suit and jabbed inside her cavernous anus. The crew did shot only five before they reached their destination,, because they did not want to hurt their captain.

At least twenty analinguses dispersed into the Senior Chef's guts despite the dildo, before their brethren were shot or smashed by the stunned explorers. Seniour Lt Corbin was crushing on the assaulting worms yelling to not use blasters when she started to moan. The analinguses that were inside her started to release their aphrodisiac slime and mate. Still the stern woman stabilized herself and paid attention to some female moans coming from within the other cupboard. The woman yelled at her crew to stop firing decided to duck and check what was in it.

After hacking the lock, the main Dragonfly officer discovered the second acceptance clerks named Patricia, who was stuffed like her colleague. Sen Lt. Corbin remembered quiet well that this girl was a gifted receiving clerk, with astonishing rear capabilities. Currently however poor Patricia had huge belly. Large eleven inch wide eggs were present everywhere inside the small box accompanied by tons of slime.

All of a sudden an enormous analingus somehow found it's way out of Patricia's wide open thirteen inch wide sphincter, knocking down many eggs in it's way and launched at Senior Lt. Corbin's skafander. The warm cracked the protective equipment in two then started making it's way inside the poor captain's throat. It tried to squeeze in for some time until the crew finally brought it down with their guns. At the same time another huge thirteen inch six foot long analingus escaped Patricia's anus and charged at the unobstructed commander's rear. The opening was loose and poorly plugged with way smaller dildo that it could bear so the creature quickly found it's way in. Her sphincter stretched over the poor captain's maximum capacity, causing immense pain and mixed moans of pleasure. Despite the damage that the adult analingus was taking from the blasters it simply continued to squeeze. At some point her useless dildo shoot aside and the adult warm crawled in! Until all of it was inside Capt. Corbin's cave that she mistakenly called anus.

It seemed that the senior just took a thirteen inch or more wide monster inside of her making a huge bulge at her belly. The adult analingus started mating, eating other worms and lay eggs. For this purpose it injected the Dragonfly's boss anus with numerous aphrodisiacs which made the woman feel better for her situation. Still the senior of the explorer group managed to gather herself and order all of her crew that wore gapers, to go back and stuff their holes with the thickest dildos they could possibly wear in order to prevent similar tragedies. Then Capt. Corbin ordered Lt. Stuller being the only male to barricade in the ship in case the group does not manage to save the invaded drone. However his man pride prevailed and he had to disobey the chain of command, expressing that he was a sharp shooter plus the worms may not attack him.

As he was arguing many other females went to pack or re plug themselves with much ticker dildos, except L. Casey and co-pilot Stuller. This was the moment when more worms exited the obviously huge cave inside Patricia and attacked the trio. Eventually the humen were overwhelmed and a few worms managed to enter inside the wide open loose ass hole of Casey while other four attacked the male's tight rear hole as well. This is when the Senior Lt. showcased her true nature as a leader. Capt. Corbin managed to drag herself to the cupboard and expose her cavernous rear to the incoming hoard of analinguses. The creatures naturally started entering this welcoming nesting place instead and gave time for the Stuller and Casey to defeat the ones left outside. By the time this was done Capt. Corbin had an bulging eye expression as her belly grew to unimaginable proportions. The adult warm grew bigger and bigger as it ate everything entering it's layer and was swelling to ever more dangerous proportions. The captain could feel massive amounts of eggs forming inside of her guts. The reason they were not falling off was because they were stopped by sticky slime which emanated from the worm. Some of it entered even her lungs and she started to feel delirious, but still hanged on.

The male spacecraft member had a problem on his own - the warms made his anus bled it as it was not well trained. Also the aphrodisiac acted in a weird way to his enzymes making him not think straight without any sexual arousal. The poor guy was yelping in pain while the analinguses continuously tried to enter deeper rear. He attempted to grab the slippery creatures in vain and just jumped in one place. In the end he was saved by Lt. Case who came to help him by blasting and stomping the analinguses.

When the remaining crew members arrived they saw that Stuller was lying on the ground holding his bleeding anus while the lieutenant was applying medicine to it. Next to them Capt. Corbin was gargling sounds, her belly was getting swelled like a nine months pregnant woman with quadruplets as everything in side of her moved, visible even from outside. Lt. Janna and Lt. Cindy the two medics in the crew took the man inside the shuttle on a stretcher while Lt. Casey who was next in the chain of command drew a plan. She decided to leave ten women in Dragonfly-E3 as a backup, while she and the rest of her crew break inside the main door of the space drone to try and activate the power. The air oxygen supply was still present, but going down steadily. In order to cut through the heavily reinforced door however it turned out they can not override the manually locked piece of metal. Instead they had to bring the same cutters they used to open the cargo bay and this meant some more riding of huge anal dildos while next to an analinguses nesting ground!

Sen. Lt. Corbin was still heroically attracting the aliens to enter her cavernous anus and the crew was in huge debt to her for that. While they set up the cutter and begun the operation, foam started to form in her mouth. Still she was moving her head half conscious urging the group to move on while Janna was trying to hose in pipes so she can breath. Lt. Casey decided that this was the time to act, so she instructed for the cutting to begin. Although usually a male held the cutter, she asked one of her colleagues to help her hold the heavy equipment and begin melting the metal. Private Olga, her regular cooking chef friend and lover, along with Lt. Zelda, another co-pilot attached their seven inch wide dildos to the machine and started pedalling as quickly as possible. Soon they were followed by the rest powering the melting slicing welder to full power in no time. The door was cut within half on hour so everyone except poor captain Corbin can rest a while. It can be seen that the Seniour Lt had started laying large thirteen inch wide eggs off her broken anus already and they begun filling the small cabinet. Patricia was pushed aside but she was in some sort of crazed ecstasy and probably did not realize what was happening. All of a sudden the customs clerk brought her vacated anus to accept the dropping gifts of the capt. Corin. inside of her! The useless sphincter of the officer did not have to stretch at all but still a bit of prolapsed gut prevented the first egg from being pushed inside for some time. Private Olga found herself masturbating while watching this exchange of large alien external ovulation from one rear cavity to the other, covered in sleazy slime. All three women found themselves moaning in pleasure while breathing the spunky smelling air, obviously in a state of extreme ecstasy. The captain was starting to get even more aroused as she begin massaging her tightly bound breasts then tearing the remains of her suit.

The spell was broken when the two medics Janna and Cindy arrived. They applied some ammonia so the women snapped out of it. Everyone had to start wearing gas mask in order to proceed in the sexually hazardous environment. Once all set up and protected, Lt. Casey moved to her senior not sure what to do with her. She did not want to place the infected woman inside the shuttle, but at the same time she was reluctant to leave her like that. When the lieutenant shared her thoughts with Corbin, her boss gave her the solution. Following her heroic spirit, the Senior officer. asked to be carried inside the facility and used as a magnet to attract more analinguses enter inside of her. With slurping sounds the delirious woman described she was already infected and it did not matter is she received a hundred more worms inside of her broken guts or a hundred thousand more.

Indeed it looked to Casey that for the success and safety of their group this deed was necessary. Lt. Casey shot a tear of proudness and sympathy, then asked private Olga to help her. Both women lifted the heroic captain by a handle they found, connecting her tightly bound tits together. Then Sen. Lt. Corbin moved her legs up and let them be tied to the bulging balls of woman flesh as well - this will help moving the woman more easily. As a result this elongated the suffering senior officer's tits even more as her legs yanked her poor breast. But it must be a trill for the captain, because Casey knew her superior loved torturing them. Sen. Lt Corbin was hanging by her tits for hours while being violated anally and practices many other perverted masochistic games for her poor sacks. This is why her tits in normal state stretched over thirty centimetres off her chest.

With Senior's ass leading the way the company stormed the lobby while keeping in contact with the back up team over the com link. Upon entering the civilian part of the space drones the rescue team was astonished by the amount of slime everywhere including the ceilings. First the explorer team found two of the security guards coated in slime, stuck in the corners of the entrance chamber. One of them Casey knew as Sheila the other one was unfamiliar. Both must have locked themselves initially in the cupboards on the other side of the desk, but due to the large amounts of eggs lodged inside their rectums the doors have broken, resulting in the guards falling off. Their respectively nine and ten inch wide dildos were lying nearby burred in slime and it was apparent the two security officers anuses were basically turned into breathing layers for the analinguses. The Worms were freely moving around the floor around them like children around their mother, but when they sensed new rear holes untouched by them immediately launched at the group. Most of them targeted the ruined beyond repair cavern of captain Corbin in open reach, most of the analinguses tried to circumvent it and reach the other juicy target. Perhaps they sensed the large worm would eat them The group kited backwards while shooting, until the aphrodisiac of the slime inside of the infected woman finally lured the worms to stuff themselves past her almost fourteen inch wide open dilapidated rectum muscle.

After successfully cleaning most of the floor by vacuuming everything inside their faithful captain's broken rear, the rescue squad reached a secondary door which was locked as well as. At this point Corbin was dropping even more eggs from the heavy breeding happening inside of her belly. The crew started destroying all the offspring but it turned out some of the tiny worms could hide their way inside cracks in the floor. Plus it was very time consuming so the explorer decided to leave the eggs alone.

The door to the corridor was locked as well. Not wanting to use the cutter, Lt. Casey decide to try and reason with one of the guards instead. She omitted the hundred worms that got out of the cupboard via the captain's anus once again, before reaching Sheila. She knew the guard had the code memorized and tried her best to wake up the non-stop orgasming space craft member by sticking ammonia in her nostrils. All in vain – it looked like slime was stuck even in her trachea. Lt. Casey then resorted to another method. She knew that her acquaintance hated not having her breasts bound at all times, so she undid the braces constricting the large double FF funbags of the custom security officer. The breasts of Sheila fell down like two volleyballs in couple of sacks and soon enough the guard opened her eyes moaning uncomfortably. At first Sheila did not recognize the lieutenant, but she was happy to see a standing woman so she tried to speak. Instead only gargles came out as slime and smelly spunk exited her mouth in large quantities. With gesture Lt. Casey pointed at the door and explained they wanted to open it. Sheila shook her head violently with scared look in her eyes, but then Casey mimicked the air was running out. Understanding there was no other way, Sheila asked for a digital display to write the code. More of the worms in the meantime were trying to enter captain Corbin's anus but they had no space to get inside anymore. The slime dripping from there was pushed by the ever exiting extra large eggs. The ten inch wide oval objects popped out almost non-stop as the two women gesticulated to one another. The adult analingus had many in store from before and now when it had room and conditions it started laying them in full force. Soon the ground became flooded with small worms and to the horror of Lt. Casey and her team a dozen or so found their way inside her anus, despite her supposedly shut suit. Still the lieutenant held on till the code was written trying to dodge as much as she could. Lt. Casey did not want to start killing the analinguses now because she sensed if that happened it could spur the unpredictably large nest inside Sheila to life.

So she took the invaders like...a woman. When the big 45 digit code was all written, she got up hoping there was no misspelling and decided to plugg herself with the large nine incher of Sheila to mitigate further interventions. It took some time but she finally lowered herself enough to lock it in place. Afterwards he started dragging the nesting Corbin with the ever faithful Olga, the newly infected copilot went back to her crew at the door. Thankfully it successfully opened and also lifted part of the emergency lock down as well. Lt. Casey begun feeling the worms move inside her anus already hatch small eggs which started to pooled on the tip of her a bit over her maximum capacity wide plug.

Past the newly opened door was a long corridor and the squad could see the red flashing lights blinking all the way in. The lieutenant knew the numerous doors were leading to different customs rooms, sleeping bunkers and the dining room straight ahead. In almost every corner there was a woman stuck to the ground, worms crawling everywhere literally, dropping even from the ceiling. Private chef Olga and Lt. Zelda decided to start extracting a few dozens of eggs from Corbin's overstretched guts in order to make room for more analinguses. It looked like the trap did not work, the worms simply could nto enter the poor captains rear. However even after laying more then seventy large eggs in just fifteen minutes, captain Corbin was still very full but the group decided to move on.

Very soon the team was overwhelmed by the hundreds of worms more then half surviving the blasts and entering the captain's anus. In an attempt to survive the group extracted even the two inch wide textured pee-hole plug and removed her gaper panties to expose her pussy and yawning urethra. The captain was also responsible for the oxygen circulation, which meant training her peehole to accept the ship's large main capacity urine receptacle was one of her main prerogatives. It was currently three inches and a three quarter wide, but the captain had to always show progress to her superiors at the end of the month. It was the progress she had to achieve in order to prove her crew stayed competitive and the it's top commander - up to her position.

A few of the smaller warms entered inside the gaping hole but soon exited it dying shortly after. Is seemed like the urine flora was fatal for the analinguses. Olga then grabbed a handful of slime and jammed it inside of the wide spread peehole of her superior, driving a deep grunt from the poor woman. As a result soon enough the worms begin crawling into the tighter in comparison with the other caverns hole. A few dozen small once must have started nesting inside because soon enough small eggs started dropping from there too. Captain Corbin's pussy seemed to be a welcoming place however and soon was filled as well. Worms coated it in shiny spunk on the inside and outside in no time. The analinguses however did not mate inside and this could be the reason the worms crept back at some point looking for an anus

After the majority of the waves were dealt with, the group started moving forward steadily. It was halfway through the corridor when a large analingus exited one of the ducting pipes and attacked. Thankfully Corbin's long gone anus now stretching over fourteen and a half inches was able to attract the monster and it started squeezing inside. Over fifteen inches wide it was almost an impossible task and especially not with the older worm still roaming the guts. The two aliens started fighting for the human tunnel and it was looking like the new one was wining. The old one soon sensed it's demise and started to try and escape through captain Corbin's mouth. Judging by the poor Dragonfly's boss' gargles and terrorized look, her life was in danger!

The crew intervened and after taking more then fifty shots to it's body the invading analingus stopped moving and dropped dead. Lt. Casey and the rest had to barricade themselves and wait till the other worm digest it in order to move on. It was impossible to extract the invader – it was way too deep and it could result in more problems coming from the captain's nesting cave, not worthy of any other function any more. In the meantime however the ever advancing analinguses had to enter into someone's ass hole and there was no way to stop all of them – they were too many. The blasters were almost out of energy so Lt. Casey said to her friend chef Olga to lift her by her tits.

The cook was having none of it however. The private pulled the lieutenant down by her the handle on her bound tits, saying “Not until I have something to say! You are our leader, we need you to succeed - you go last!”. With that the brave woman jumped right ahead anus first just towards a group of fifty or more analinguses, opening the zip of her suit in the process and exposing her tightly plugged useless sphincter. Against her captain's order Olga pushed a button on her gapers which activated a mechanism that shrieked the mechanic dildo to four inch wide one. It was just about to fall off before an army of anal invaders pushed it in by creeping inside of the wide open rear hole. Lt. Casey would otherwise punish her friend but deep inside she knew Olga was right and watched torn by emotions while private chef Olga was filled to the brim within seconds. Through tears the Lt. bound her favourite crew member's breasts, then attached Olga's legs. With everything done she and Zelda lifted the new analingus attraction by the two purple globes just like captain Corbin until now. The team begun rotating the poor yelping chef around in order to protect themselves and survive long enough for the damn adult worm to be eaten.

After what seemed like eternity, enough of the huge analingus was consumed inside the captain, for Lt. Casey to push in inside the pregnant senior's rear cavern and lead her women crew on their way. In the meantime her colleagues had a chance to take a look at the broken ducting and saw a female in maintenance clothes stuck there with a large twelve inch gaping anus on sight. She was dropping large same size eggs for the entire duration of the battle from the ceiling, but the group was too busy to pay attention. Lt. Casey concluded that probably the engineer tried to escape and judging by the massive bulge in her stomach was not only unsuccessful, but also very gifted anal receiver. The lieutenant caught herself thinking what would feel like to have such an enormous warm inside her cavernous rectum instead of the small tiny little ones that already moved inside her guts. The pilot barely managed to compose herself, adjusted her mask and lead her women forward, with Olga's anus protecting their rear, and captain Corbin's advancing forward.

When the group reached the dining room they saw many crew members stuck to the tables or nearby cupboards, all turned into breeding nests for the analinguses. The opening of their sphincters varied in size but the smallest was five inch wide. Some still wore their gapers on, others had their dildos extracted, but everyone was in a delirious orgasmic state. So many worm entered the packed anus of Olga by now that the woman was completely out of it, not even trying to hide her arousal. While the group headed towards the kitchen because it was a shortcut to the basement where the power core was, the moaning chef started laying ten inches wide eggs. Behind one cooker the rescue team ran into the a bit overweight chef of the facility itself. The moaning in pleasure master graduate was sitting over a large pile of fifteen inches wide massive eggs and massaged her cow udders!

And this is when the boss of all analinguses showed up! Over a foot and a half wide, the monster towered over everyone as it launched into poor Corbin's leading anus. The senior was out of it by now, but the stretching must have been too much even for her. The poor captain opened her eyes feeling terror and pain as her anus was extended to impossible limits. After the large analingus was unable to stretch her ruined sphincter wide enough to enter and being annoyed by the many blasts shot at it, the warm attacked a nearby Dragonfly crew member by the name of Clara. Knocking down the special interests specialist and tearing her suit, the huge analingus seemed in control of the situation. It even wiggled it's tale and crushed the integrity of the group. Everyone dispersed hiding and scared. This allowed the lesser worms around to enter random anuses of the disorganized team members. Lt. Casey saw half of her crew was being infected and decided it was time to abandon the unfortunates once behind and lead the surviving still mobile female crew members forward in order to survive.

The leader of her group along with two of her colleagues grabbed the screaming Olga by her tits and managed to squeeze through the small door leading to the basement. Only after shut it behind she realized they will need the cutters to open the main centreboard room. It would be probably impossible to advance any further without it in the emergency locked drone anyway, so she had to return. She quickly jumped out and ran through the corridor, despite all the dangers around. The cutter was on wheels so she started pushing by her own, it but still it was slower process then the lieutenant likes. Unsurprisingly before she knew it her exposed loose anus was open by the already grown warms and begun dropping eggs. This made her incredibly aroused and she did not try and cover it, while a dozen of the wiggling monster analingus begun entering it. At least a hundred of fertilized eggs and many kilos of slime got lost dripping through Lt. Casey defeated sphincter before she can reach the basement. The huge father of all analinguses saw the huffing and puffing woman and begun crawling towards her. Then out of the corner of one cooker, Pamela, special forces on Dragonfly, attracted the massive alien towards her and lead it to enter her large permanently open anus. It was clear what exercises she did in the gym but she needed to know because a male foot could not touch the walls of that gape! Pam herself had many analinguses roaming her guts, but there was no way this worm was making it inside of her! Still the special forces agent managed to help and the second in command respected that. Lt Casey gave military salute and promised a pink heart, then gathered herself and pushed the cutter down to the stairs of the basement.

The remaining four standing women breathed heavily while pushing the cutting machine down the narrow stairs. Finally they gave up as they were out of strength and let it fall down. The cutter rolled down then smashed on the ground and broke there so the team had to stop to repair it. That was easier said then done. In the basement a lot of the crew seemed to have tried to hide from the invasion, obviously unsuccessful. They all now lied down stuck in all the corners with their anuses gaping wide open from giving birth to thousands of analinguses.

Olga tried her best to attract the worms but it was obvious she could not survive much longer taking hundreds upon hundreds of aliens inside. Instead Pam, one of her intern companions gave herself to replace her. The other one was Jasmine - the assistant to the senior maintenance engineer was far more important. She was the only one remaining who could repair the cutter.

By the time the machine was all prepped Lt. Casey realized she had to leave Olga behind – the chef was too full to be of any use. Instead she begun dragging the now orgasmic wreck called Pam the intern by her tits as the next shield. The specialized military applicant proved to an experienced anal masochist, because she transferred from another career and was in her mid thirties. With all the daily exercises she had to perform on the Dragonfly it really shoed. She could not only stretch her spinster to the impressive twelve inches, but also do an amazing nine inch long prolapse. Her dildo was long gone by now, and her dangling guts were attracting so many worms like magnet that she already started laying eggs.

On the way to the maintenance doors the small squad was attacked by two more large adult worms, right near the end of their mission. This almost proved too much for Pam, but Lt. Casey managed to fool the one to enter her colleague's pussy instead. Then she peeing in it and locked the mencae there. The creature wiggled violently before it died a torturous death, but not before making poor Pam faint. Lt. Casey knew herself would not be able to take a thirteen inch wide three feet long monster in her womb but apparently the experienced itnern was talented there as well. After surviving the last death spasms of the analingus in her cunt, Pam was revived by another tube of ammonia. First thing the exhausted woman asked surprisingly was to open her pee-hole to the warms. Obviously the woman was filled with arousal but Lt. Casey not feeling herself as well decided to do it and insert some tick worms just to see how much this masochist can take.

Upon seeing how her superior acted and observing that now big five inch wide eggs were falling out of lieutenant's gaping loose even with the nine inch dildo still in place, Engineer Jasmine took the com link. Then she contacted the second group and asked it to be send towards her location. The worried female explained their situation and convinced Deputy Oxygen Controller Jannie who was in command there to comply. The first aider agreed to move out of the ship after she heard Lt. Casey's moans. Little did she knew the pilot was about to do some pretty nasty stuff with the worms. Either way Deputy Oxygen Controller Jannie shouted orders till she was happy how she organized her female friends. Lt. Stuller by now was up on his feet and for nothing on Earth would allow to be left behind. Instead, being very angry that the women wanted him out of the action, he grabbed nearby mousy blonde food tester by the name of private Garla and forced the tip of a ten and a nearby half inch wide leverage up her anus. It's purpose is not important, but the impressing part was he did this without pulling out her massive dildo! Making his point he took the only automatic buzz gun on the small shuttle and headed out. Sec-In-Command Jannie shrugged her arms, released the blonde and shouted for everyone to move out. What Lt. Stuller demonstrated was nothing short of what she had to deal with in their private time.

On the way to Lt. Casey's locations the second rescue team were guided by the engineer. She navigated them how to proceed and what areas to avoid. At the very beginning she informed Deputy Oxygen Controller Jannie they will need to sacrifice one of the woman to become an anal nesting layer if they were ever going to make it. The most appropriate of all was Sen. Mech. Janna, who's anus prolapsed nearly five inches without a plug from daily rough abuse in the barrel. This state of her rear opening was also due to her job. She needed to test variable items and this was performed with most extreme measures on her poor sphincter, leaving the exhausted hole permanently ruined. So with pilot Stuller in the group choosing his targets carefully, the second force were able to proceed quickly forwards.

Upon reaching the kitchen the fresh Dragonfly detachment met all the left behind members of the first squad. The women were swarming in spunk and by now many had given birth to thousands of warms. Carefully aiming Stuller managed to safely get his group to captain Corbin's wrecked body, but not before a dozen analinguses managed to crack an opening in a few of his female companions suits.

The unconscious Senior Lt. Corbin was dragged and pulled with the group, despite the dozens of all the warms squirting out of her holes – urethra, cunt, useless anus and mouth and infecting the females around. She was their senior after all! In the meanwhile Lt. Stuller heard the engineer shriek on the com link so he rushed the group to move out. Upon arrival at the maintenance heating room where engn. Jasmine was hanging with Lt. Casey and Pam the intern, the reinforcing squad found out the trio locked into a slimy prison already. Three large adult analinguses were into each women ass and one was squirming around.

It immediately attacked the newcomers but the angry Stuller had none of it. He took out his knife and sliced the beast to pieces. Millions of warms came out thought, splattering over everyone! It looked like the adult was very pregnant and the terrified Lt. Stuller ran behind accountant private Helga, his best lover. The woman was indeed an accountant, but also spent quite a lot of time in the barrel so her anus has started to prolapse a few years ago to reach it's current two inches length without a plug. She already had a few worms inside so she bend over and took the bulk of the worm invasion inside, while the man of the group stomped the nasty creatures in frenzy.

Next the group managed to deal with the other analingus lodged inside engineer Jasmine following the same patter. Then they tried to wake her up in order to ask how to turn the power inside the space drone. The female however barely managed to breath, let alone talk. So they did the only logical thing in this situation - untied her breasts. Combined with this measure and two ammonia inhalations, egin. Jasmine came to her senses. Thanks to her instructions, the engine door was cut and the power turned on. Now the only thing left to do was reach the captain's cabin and turn on the oxygen. The doomed Jasmine gathered the last of her free will and drew a map where exactly the control cabin was. Then she explained that two levers had to be pulled to start the basic rotters and the oxygen will begin reproducing. After this was done the engineer asked her breasts to be tied once again before closing her eyes and going to her happy place.

The brave group continued making it's way pushing the cutter and drilling through four more doors. By the time they arrived to the captain's cabin there were only three women remaining standing with private Helga leading the way and eight more dragging by their tits behind the cutter. Lt. Stuller refused to leave crew members behind if it was the end of him despite the fact it caused the infection to spread quicker through his team. Deputy Jannie herself was not feeling well partially because of a hole in her mask and simply followed.

While opening the triple reinforced door of the drone's captain cabin, the three females worked overtime, but with so many analinguses in their anuses they could not power the cutter much. In the end Stuller simply used all the reaming charge and cut a small hole enough for one person to enter at a time.

Epilogue: And there my friends was the captain Stella herself, a large six foot tall woman with five large analinguses around. God's knows how many inside of her were hatching and nests of eggs have been arranged around her. The amazon looking Brazilian woman was in trance and acting like zombie petting one sucking on her huge udder reaching past her tummy. Her other nipple was visible, very swollen and long at least two inches. Milk was dripping from there and by the look of the saggy milkbag, it was just sucked dried out of it's content. “

A boss battle is coming however, which you must wait for me to write at a later stage.

Chapter II: Inside the Beast's Den I

Previously: After much of anally destroying encounters with the sturdy alien worms, the remaining crew of Dragonfly finally makes their way into the big of the infested Mao ship. There they have to turn on the oxygen before all crew members run out of breathing source and perish! However the infestation have taken control over the large captain Stella who usually commands the spacecraft! She and her adjutants are turned into the main source of the analingus breeding responsible for covering the entire ship!


Presently:This place was the largest nest for analinguses discovered by the Dragonfly explorer team so far. The entire control room was covered in slime. The thick stench of spunk could be cut with a knife. There was almost no oxygen, but semen odour in the air. In the middle of it amongst five large analinguses was Captain Stella - a large six foot tall woman. She still wore her rubber undergarment that acted as a corset to hide the huge object she liked to embed herself on. Every other peace of garment was missing on her, safe for the facility contraptions bracelet. That is what Lt. Stuller needed to turn on the oxygen!

The big amazonian from Brazilian decent had her eyes shut while petting one of the warms sucking on her huge right udder. The other breast was left alone because it has been sucked dry already.

For the first time Lt. Stuller was able to see captain Stella's naked breasts without restrains. The boobs were truly massive although currently looking like a wreck. Both hung low and limp on her body with long stretch marks. The left one resembled a deflated giant balloon. There was a web tattooed around the massive sack's skin, sitting distorted on the collapsed tit flesh. The right one still had a bit of bounce left in it, being only-half empty and quivering past the captain's tummy. And then were her enormous areolae! The giant circles literally covered the entire bottom of the breast surface which according to the Lt. Steller's calculations put them at 8 inches in diameter! The only visible nipple was the left one. It was two inch long very reddish and swollen. There was a large silver ring going through it as well, but it did not impede the ongoing heavy milk dripping..... And God knows how many warms were hatching inside her wriggling swollen barrel of a tummy... with all the analingus mating going on around...

Upon closer examination Lt. Stuller figured that six major nesting grounds holding the largest of eggs have been arranged in a circle around her. Three huge analinguses retrieved fifteen inch wide unborn spawns from a pink protrusion inbetween Captain Stella's legs, then placed them amongst those piles nearby. A fourth one was swallowing and then returning the egg back into another fleshy pipe at the bottom of the top commander's chair - even bigger! While this was going on a fifth analingus sucked on the delirious captain's right breast and out of it's other end refined goo stuff. It poured on the enhanced large alien ovums. At the same time six smaller analinguses travelled back and forth between six women stuck to the nearby walls. They looked like the adjutants who always accompanied cp. Stella at her video briefings the brig. The women had also ruined anuses which dropped their guts seven to ten inches to the ground. From there protruded and rolled into piles eight to twelve inches wide spawns. Analinguses retrieved the smaller eggs from the heaps, then wiggled to the main nest to drop their loads in a large outer rim surrounding Stella, before going back for more.

Lt. Steller stepped even closer to examine this large incubate from which the biggest of alien ovums dropped out. If he learned anything about these worms – they did not hatch in anything but an anus! And voalla - his suspicions were confirmed....The huge red gooey pipe indeed connected to Stella's eviscerated anal ring. The broken gut prolapsed off the large woman's stomach all the way down and around to the bottom of her chair! Stella has been turned into the ultimate breeding nest enchanter of this analingus colony!

While the lieutenant tried to comprehend this, the rest of the women form the rescue team started to sqeeze into the chamber and form a semi-circle. Only seven out of over forty member crew the DragonFly started with, remained able to stand.

The first one on the right of Stuller was intern Judy. She was a short 22 years old girl with raven black hair and colourful eyes. Her face had such a submissive look, perfectly matching her attitude, that Deputy Jannie mentioned the petite female would probably stay an intern forever. Even her current posture was submissive: the girl was trying to cross her legs incontrovertibly like a Japanese hentai character. Despite the large bulge in between her tights! All the while holding a baton as if it was dildo...

The whole top of her costume was missing - torn by one of the worms in a fight earlier. Her perky C cups stayed bare for everyone to see, glistering in slime. The fumes made her dizzy and horny at the same time... Judy was diagnosed as a small girl with hypoplasia. She had the smallest breasts on the ship, but that did not mean the intern was content with this. Various exasperating “natural” programs paid for by Judy's parent each month yielded effect, but were incredibly slow. She tried to compensate for the meagre size of her tits with lots of piercings. Eight rings in total skewered her large long well trained nipples in combination with two bigger ones going through her aureole. The other discomfort in the shortie's body at the moment was her overstuffed anus. The petite female was shattering with each move ever since leaving the Dragonfly, carrying more then fifteen kilos of latex in her guts. Judy was so scared at first, she wanted to seal her backdoor completely to the alien invaders. So the intern used a key she “borrowed” from fitness instructor Eleene, to enter the gym section for advanced training. She outdid all her previous achievements there, by somehow stuffing a large La FFontaine class expander. The determined woman jumped on it for an hour and eventually jammed it in her backdoor through that defeated sphincter of hers. The eight inches and a half that unbend however have proven too much for the small female's body. So far it made her waddle like a penguin, barely able to keep up with the creeping rescue team! The intern's adventurous actions and dedication however were paying off. Judy had survived the total anal onslaught so far with not a single worm inside her holes! There was simply no place even for a needle to fit in either of the three bottom orifices. The raven woman did kept her mouth open fairly often, groaning from the exercise, but analinguses did not liked getting in through there....did they?

Foreign language correspondent Magdalenna was staying with legs widespread a bit behind on the left side of Lt. Stuller. Her head was oval in shape with stern gray eyes and long wavy hair dyed brown. A silver ring piercing on her nose completed the correspondent's look, hinting of her concealed personality. The 43 years old hag was forced to stay in this position rather then assuming it on her own. Magdalenna's suit has been breached, inviting hundreds upon hundreds of worms to enter her gaping sphincter for some time now. Thus the half-italian foreign correspondent's belly have grown so large, it bulged almost a foot off her chest. Once Magda got in the chamber, the abominations inside pushed the woman's legs so far away from each other, it became very hard for their carrier to move. The impregnation also mashed the correspondent's huge unrestricted KK mammies flat under the suit. Apparently Magdalena did not bind them very tight and parts of tit jelly meat could be seen showing up through the garment's crackings. Some even far bellow her navel. On top of everything two erect nipples somehow made themselves visible despite the immense pressure they were up against.

Magda's loose anus muscle currently stayed open at seven inches and a half, pooping eight inch wide eggs. The inflatable nine and three quarter inch dildo that used to be inside was deflated by the delirious Dragonfly's captain while she was being saved/dragged by her breasts, on Stuller's orders. A long sleazy worm quickly exited Corbin's mouth and slipped into the rear opening of Magda. And this is how the infestation of correspondent's intestines begun. The worms haven't stopped invading her intestines ever since. Magdalenna and Corbin never got along thought since the half-italina participated only for the mandatory common sexual endeavours. She was not sharing any of her kinky fetishes with the captain, which naturally enraged the masochistic Dragonfly commander. However the correspondent's current standing position despite being so heavily pregnant could give a good idea she was not a fornication slouch and could take a lot. All four sergeants on the ship could confirm that, especially major-sergeant Bronx. None of the bdsm women survived conscious to do so thus far sadly. Good old Magda dished out a lot of damage too, as it was hinted by her arm attire. The correspondent wore her heavy grid spiky fisting leather gauntlets reaching past her biceps. Probably more of a habit then a a necessity. In her right hand Magdalena held to a blaster pointing in the air, while with the other she pried her rear opening wide open. The analinguses crammed into the old woman's intestines have awaken and the correspondent's stomach was starting to shuffle visibly. The spawn's dropping rate and size poppings between Magda's muscular legs intensified, reaching almost nine inches and a half. The foreign language fisting lover groaned in pain. She tried to ease the exit of numerous eggs out of her stretched out guts by fisting, pulling and dragging her dilapidated sphincter as far as it would go with the spiky hand of hers.

Continuing left, next on the battle line ready for action was the most desired beauty of Dragonfly-E3 Space - fitness Instructor Ms. Eleene Drjghfnski. The 34 years old half polish woman face was topped with short blond hair embellished with just the right amount of gel. She stared in disgust at captain Stella with light blue eyes, while lifting her puggy nose up in the air. Eleeen sported peculiar muscular curves all over her body. And for good reason - the vixen was an energy power ball. The demanding instructor spend 3 hours almost every morning in the gym! And that is before conducting the regular excruciating training schedule with crew members the masochistic calibre of captain Corbin and Lt. Casey. This all mounted up to twelve hours non stop lifting, jumping and humping hole wrecking machines of monumental proportions. Some of the advanced gym utensils could be mistaken fifty years earlier for tools made for dilating horses! The remarkable woman's anal capacity could not be seen though her suit, but no doubt it was the same as Corbin's if not bigger. The top Dragonfly's instructor also was the only one in the group wearing her pink space costume. Large gold decorative circle zips were encasing her privates, the entirety of her bottom and the two enormous J size bosoms stretching her fabric to it's limit. A pair of square bulges at their top gave away the location of strong massive clamps crushing Eleene's bubbly nipples. Unrestricted zips and multiple torn places across the instructor's suit explained the wiggly movements in her bulging stomach, pointing towards serious analingus infestation. Ms. Drjghfnski cared not however and did not seem to be impeded in her movements or direction. She was holding in one hand a blaster pointing towards Stella's head, while shuffling a large baton with the other. The extraordinary woman was switching legs between multiple heroic masculine stances, looking for the perfect combat ready position.

Right next to the mighty instructor was whimpering over her lower bulge, private senior janitor Sunny. She was a 27 years old half korean minion with sweet expressive face, decorated by black hair, and black eyes emanating determination. This asian lady had to put up with much more abuse then anyone in her entire two year service on the ship. Even during these peaceful times, there were minimum physical requirements to enter the spacecraft duty. There was no way Sunny's fragile figure was able to pass, starting with her height! So naturally this made a lot of the military crew upset. That and a combination of the fact the mousy blond has been transferred under shady circumstances on the Dragonfly from the barracks on Florida. The submissive shorty spent the entirety of her first couple of weeks sucking up to Corbin in her office since day one. As a result she was promoted to a senior janitor, whatever that means. On top of that Sunny started receiving heftily paid overtime bonuses as revealed by the Dragonfly's accountant Kayla. So when Sunny come out of her single cabin eventually, the bitter crew ganged on her and started daring the fragile female the most painful challenges. She took all punishments the tormentors had in store for her with admirable stoicism while still finding time and strength to fulfil the schedule with the captain! Recently Corbin have started to have regular meetings with the senior janitor in the oxygen generation room. Previously only the commander and her engineers had clearance to enter the vital air supply production, but apparently that was no longer the case. Poor Sunny always came out of there with messed up make up through the vent and into the toilet bidets. There she usually joined her two janitor underlings where the petite woman had to spend the rest of the day as urinal.

At the moment Sunny was squatting widespread looking down at her cunt. She held no weapon and had both hands on her hips. The recently promoted service woman was used as one of the “shield girls” just moments ago. This was the codename the crew gave to any female used as an analingus receptacle. While Lt. Stuller was cutting capt. Stella's double door the tiny girl's outfit was attacked and torn to pieces by the crazed worms. Private Stunny was not supposed to be one of the rescue team's first choice however. After all the small female have packed her rear to the bring with the biggest dildo she could ever fit on a short notice. The inflatable XXXL Yamato anal eviscerator class expander, stretched her defeated sphincter 10 and a half inches before spreading it's spikes. Only capt. Corbin, abandoned at the time a few blocks away, could match the fingerprint scan pattern, making it impossible to remove... Until the strong space fitness instructor fell into some strange lust outburst... Eleene's almost ten inch wide arms suddenly tried to yank the bizarre toy out of the poor senior janitor. She failed and had to step on top of the whimpering girl's cheeks with her full weight. Finally the instructor was able to jerk the Yamato out, along with ten inches of senior janitor's guts... As a result Sunny suffered her largest prolapse to date. Consequentially she got stuffed with worms almost half as much as Eleene. Currently the mousy woman had a stomach, which was getting bigger by the minute.

The shorty was also bending forward quiet a bit. At first glance in might have been due to her large saggy H cups, hanging freely over her ribcage. Two ropes encircled the very base of the sacs by which she was dragged and held in place during her “shield girl” moments. There were also some tools attached to them and this might have forced the fragile female crook forward. But that was not the only reason. A huge five inch wide worm wanted to drop from one of her front holes, and it was not the cunt. Sunny was squatting concentrated in desperate attempt to push the sizeable invader out of her overused urethra. In fact the bladder as a whole was so well developed, the analingus managed to inflate it ten inched out of shortie's stomach. Thus forcing the girl to lean forward.


Further along the line towering over everyone else was the Dragonfly's bimbo - private Erene. She was an American of Scandinavian decent and at only 19 have grown almost two meters and twenty centimetres! Her stunning beauty started with the private's face. Deep dark-blue eyes and a meter long silky black hair braided into knobs gave the bombshell a rarely attractive look. Her massive double JJ jugs were filled with additional two litres of saline injections each by Erene herself. As a result after an hour of heavy physical exercises running around for the past hour, the mammoth breasts have torn their restrictive outfit on their own. Which of course left the tall female strongly exposed to the massive analingus infestation for the past half an hour. Long squirts of milk were coming out of the large udders constantly at this point, because of two reasons. First the bimbo was also four months pregnant(with a baby) and second - she have bound her womanly assets too tight!

Gazing further down the tall raven's lower abdomenon, it becomes apparent Erene liked to hold her holes wide open. Both the private's rear and vagina yawned stretched by the two black gapers she always wore at a distance close to bunched double male fists. The urethra was also staying loosely open, though the entrance unnaturally elevated apart for no visible reason. All these depravities were plainly visible to anyone caring to look at Erene's sex, because the bimbo's bottom pants were completely torn down by the invading warms. The raven beauty's analingus infestation started with small intruders slipping occasionally through the tall private's suit at the chest openings and settling into her gaping rear cavern. This went on unobstructed by the tall bimbo until one two inch wide worm attacked while the young host was busy dragging capt. Corbin. It split the protective fabric Erene was wearing while trying to wiggle it's way deeper into the scandinavian american's backdoor staying so invitingly open. There was simply no empty space left for the analingus as the broken gut was already packed with hundreds upon hundreds of small shimmy compatriots. The only way was to push them further in or stretch the private's ass even more – which the alien did both.

As a result - now an hour later, the bimbo's remnant of a sphincter could compete for the most broken of all 19 years olds' on Earth! It jerked and twitched it's rhyme measuring nearly eight inches in diameter already! Erene's guts originally stayed where they should, but with the first hundred worms getting in, the fleshy colon gave in what little integrity it had and started to prolapse. Apparently this must have happened before, because now the red pipe dangled between the private's long shapely legs hanging over seven inches bellow her butt cheeks....At the front the worms tried to populate the gaping vagina and peehole too, since they were held open wide ready for the taking too. For some reason the aliens backed away pretty quickly after wiggling in thought. Even after the orifices got smudged with slime subsequent to the numerous attempts by the cheeky analinguses. The womb poking from within the vaginal opening, gave away all the detergent implants Erene used to keep her most private front birth giving canal free of outside germs. Perhaps this was what scared the analinguses out of Erene's cunt despite staying so exposed... Or may be the foreign worms respected the woman's pregnancy..And what about the tall brunette's urethra – it looked to be left alone. All this will be a task for the scientists to reveal through extensive testing!

In the given moment Erene was posing cool, armed with a large double handle bat, as if nothing was happening, Probably because according to the raven bimbo's brain there was nothing major going on indeed. She unconsciously stroke the long wooden weapon with her right hand, while trying to pay attention to what Stuller was about to order in front.

Close by to the tall bombshell's left was standing a bit shorter and a bit more plump a woman in her late 30s. Private Sheila was a single 43 years old mom - a half indian, half british with permanent address in Seattle. Dark black eyes and raven hair supplemented the woman's naturally dark