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2022-01-20 13:23:21

Sister Sex

By Blueheatt

… The wife’s sister came to stay for a week. She had told the wife that she hadn’t had any sex for a year from her dud husband.

When the wife told me this, I said let’s let her see a good porn movie for fun, just to make her so horny she can’t stand it. The wife said: ”What!…. Oh my …oh my….but you know, that sounds exciting!…as her voice told me this would make her hot to do this. That night we were all in our robes and I turned all but one light off. In my recliner, I could see both of them sitting on the love seat, with a long coffee table at their feet. I started the movie.

Soon she was hot, and opened her robe top up some. The wife started spreading her legs apart some and put one hand inside her robe right on her vagina. Sister whispered to her…’are you keeping your hand warm, or your vagina warm’…and the tee heed and the wife replied: ‘Both’ and they busted out laughing…

Sister put her hand in her robe and did the same thing, spreading her legs farther apart. I did the same to hold my rising hard on down. I purposely fidgeted with my crotch some and they both look over at me and at themselves and chuckled. The movie was timed just right, as the girl in the movie got down on her knees and started licking another girl.

Sisters eyes were glued on the scene and said the girl was sexy. Wife’s eyes were glued on the movie also and said it would depend on the girl. This brought sisters eyes to the wife…’wow’..she said…’Really?’

Wife half whispered…’if there were no men around and the lights were off, another woman would know just where to lick,’ without looking at her sister, never taking her eyes off that movie, almost in a trance. Sister was shocked, but excited by the wife’s admission. I turned out the last light, a lamp right by my head. The girl in the movie started to moan with pleasure. I watched the wife spread her legs wider apart as she was clearly playing with herself. It didn’t take long for sister to do the same. Leaning her head back on the couch and slumping down. I poured it on….’damn, I wish I was there to help that girl’…the wife joined in saying: “I wish I was the girl getting licked on.’ Sister just stared at the screen and I could see her hand moving playing with herself. I got up and sat by the wife, and started kissing her and feeling her boobs. She never moved and let me feel her right in front of her sister. Sister whispered …’hey you guys, no fair’…and we all chuckled. Wife said ‘scoot over her and help hubby out.’….

…I and sister gulped at that statement, but we all got excited about doing that. I reached over and turned off the remote for the movie. Now it was all dark except for a street light thru the dining room window. Our eyes quickly adjusted and all were at ease with playing with themselves. Sister listened to wife and I breath and moan as I felt her vagina. Wife just didn’t seem to care that her sister was sitting right next to her.

Sister watched us, and started to play with her own boobs and breathing hard. Wife reached over and took sisters hand and put on my leg and moved it up and down on me and close to my hard on.

Sister rolled towards us and felt up my robe. I put my hand on top of hers and guided it oh so close to my dick. I put my hand in sisters robe and felt her nipples. She gasped and put her hand on my face as I still kissed the wife. I kissed wife’s boobs and they both gasped for air.

I squeezed sisters boobs and she bent down and French kissed me good. I moved down wife’s robe and felt her vagina causing her to spread her legs all the way apart. Sister did the same and was now boldly fingering her vagina. Wife moved sister hand to my raging hard on, As I moved my hand to sisters vagina. Wife’s hand followed mine as we both fingered sister.

Sister chuckled and said to wife: ’remember what we use to do as little shits?’…wife’s jaw dropped and said ’we use to have orgasms doing that!’…I said…’let’s see it’. Wife chuckled and she strattled sisters wide apart legs and sat her pussy on her upper leg. They grinned as wife moved to lay on top of sister and put their vaginas together.

Sister turned a little and put her one leg around wife’s so to get in tight touching their vaginas. Wife stratteled in and worked her way so their vaginas were tight together and they touched clits and started humping each other.

The sight of Wife and sister naked, humping each other and arms around each other was mega hot for me. They really started getting out of breath doing this and both said they had forgotten how good it felt. Their arms now around each other and moaning as they rubbed their hot wet vaginas together was making me go crazy. They started in kissing their necks with eyes closed imagining it was a man.
They told me how that night at 15 and 16 they were told by a girlfriend that the ’clit’ was what to rub for a super good feeling. They turned one low light and went 69 to see where it was. Wife felt her self as sis did too and guided each other to where it was. Wife pulled back her little hood over her clit and said she thought this was it. Sis put her finger on it and wife jumped and said ‘that’s it!’

Wife found sis’s and when she rubbed it sis jumped and moaned and said yes that was hers. They began to rub each others clits and starting moaning as wife got real close to sis’s vagina.

She said the aroma of her pussy made her hot and she just had to lick it. When she did, sis moaned real loud. (they’re parents weren’t home). “Oh God” sis said and wife continued.

Wife said the feeling of sis’s pussy hair and the wetness of her pussy became wonderful as sis moaned more. Sis stuck a finger in wife’s pussy and made her moan. It was the first time they had masturbated and each other. They kept at it finding all the good spots to rub and feel. Soon they both had finger in the other pussy and thumb on their clits. The humped and moaned till they both came to a shuttering, shaking climax……

To this day, if they get a chance they still do it. I said ’let make it three’ and got behind wife and stuck my dick in wife’s super wet vagina. She moaned big and said..’oh damn, double our pleasure honey!’. Sister put her hand down to their vaginas and felt my dick as it slid in and out of the wife‘s wet dripping vagina. Wife moaned and then took my dick out and lowered it to sisters vagina. Sister moaned big time with pleasure.

I felt sis’s pubes and wet slit…oh my god it was so hot and open for me The feeling of her warm and slick pussy put me on fire. I looked down and watched me go in and out of sis’s vagina.
I was losing it as I had to cum in sis now, no matter what. I let wife do whatever as I felt sis’s vagina squeeze my dick with each stroke and I speeded up and kissed her putting my tongue in as far as I could. Wife just moved away as she sensed we were locked on to a fucking frenzy.

She watched us as she fingered herself and enjoyed us wrapping us up in bliss. Sis’s pussy was perfect as the fit was so hot and inviting. She whispered: ….“oh god, we have to make this special..oh god ..OH GOD as I speeded up I could feel wife’s hand on my butt pushing it in harder saying: “Fuck her good, FUCK HER GOOD!“ I reached around and rubbed wife’s clit as she had all of her fingers in her pussy rubbing her G spot fast. I went deeper in sis as she trembled and dug her legs into my butt. Wife kissed us and was so hot watching she was moaning with us…oh god..damn..oh damn..I’m gonna cum hard..cumming cumming…OH GOD..I’M CUMMING SIS…as I stroked long and faster deep in sis and we all started yelling….. and then I felt it..a mega load of cum for sis shot up my dick as I pushed my dick at far as it would go in sis and blasted her vagina with my cum. Now they both moaned and twitched with hot breathing. I had always wanted to fuck sister so I was now doing it with wife’s blessing. I pushed my dick in sister’s tight pussy and it felt wonderful. Sister spazamed and humped like a raging crazy woman. Wife was starting to cum to, but took my dick out and stuck in her pussy, then put it in sisters again. Wife whispered ..’fuck her good, fuck her good!’ and with that slid down on my dick to feel my mega cum on her pussy as I pushed my dick hard in sister. I fucked sister like animal, fast and furious as wife pulled my but cheeks hard to drive me deep into sisters wet, hot pussy. We all started to cum together as sister and wife fingered wife’s pussy and clit till she and sister just yelled out together and my huge load of cum shot into sisters pussy, and wife pushed down hard on my dick as I did. Sister squeezed my dick hard and we all cried out .. …..sister put her arms around wife and pulled her back and forth on my dick wanting her to feel it too. Wife dripped her juices on the top of my dick as she …oh…oh ..OH……. as she does when she really has a good cum. I felt a mega cum starting to climb out my dick and yelled as it took it’s time coming to the shooting point…. …then we all screamed ....and noises of extreme pleasure. I kept shooting loads in sister as they kept loud moaning as they both were squeezing my dick with their vaginas for a long time. Wife kept grinding her pussy down on my wet cum soaked dick. She reached down and put my still throbbing dick in her pussy and yelled out ……and I pumped her giving her all the speed I had left as she yelled out ……‘oh god …..oh ….god….oh…oh!’.

The super moan caused sister to get so hot she put my dick back in her pussy and ……..I banged her pussy so hard her moans came on spurts as I fucked her . Wife sucked and felt her tits hard while I did this and sister went crazy with a cum so hard, she shuttered for several minutes while yelling out…‘oh god oh god oh god!’ …over and over again.

They sobbed and moaned for a long time as wife whispered …’we have all week to do more sis’…sister kissed her and me and cried and moaned so beautifully. Wife and I had surpassed any thing she had ever done in love making. Sister said ..’oh god, I hope I can take it…as she wiggled around my dick as she spoke. Wife said..’I told you before how good he was, now you know, it makes you just want to lock him up in a basement and never let him out!…lol’. Sister said…’ I want you to share him, .. oh baby sister I’ve got to have some of him too.’

They never asked me how I felt about it because they both already knew I wanted to make love to them both, over and over.

Wife slowly,shakely and weakly got off of sis and went in the bathroom. I held sis’s head and whispered ..(‘I have to have more of you! That felt so good to be in you, loving you and making you and I cum so beautiful! I want to cum in you over and over while you’re here.’) Sis kissed me in mid sentence and licked my face and whispered: (‘you beat me to it..I want you so fucking bad I’ll do anything you want!…just love me, suck me, lick me and fuck my brains out!, we have to plan to be alone so I can have you all to myself for once! Get a plan and just tell me, I‘ll fuck you anytime, anyplace but I WILL fuck you good and hard till you pass out cuming in me so hard!!!!’)

I couldn’t sleep much that night, thinking about the sight of sis’s sweet, hot vagina, so creamy and so eager to have my dick in it. Sis made little scuttle moves letting me know she liked me in her. Her touch was gentle and caring and her looks over wife’s shoulder at me were melting us both. I looked at her with hot love in mind. Her pubic hair was brown and soft, her pussy lips soft and wet. Her boobs were nice and round with nipples that stood up to my touch.

Her legs smooth and soft and she could put them really wide open for me. I knew we were imagining making love with out wife. When wife was pounding her pussy, she looked at me and smiled that love contentment smile, as to say..’Hi, I want to make love to you so bad….alone and all night long’. When we first met she got me in a side room at her house and planted a special kiss on me I never forgot.

Even she gasped at what she had done and embarrassed her self….a little… but giggled and pinched the inside of my leg as she left the room. She was watching me at a dance once, and came up and told me her hubby was pissed because he was short and people bumped into him, so she had no one to dance with. I danced with her. She danced closer and closer but face to face looking so innocent and all, but she placed her vagina close in to my dick. She blew warm air on my neck very sneakily. And that look.. She gave me was hot and wanting. I had two girlfriends there and they soon put a stop to what they saw, and made sure they danced with me.

Sis and my girlfriend number two, went into the lady’s room and when they came out, both stared right at me and giggled. Next thing I know girlfriend two, was pushing her vagina into me like sis. I knew they both felt my ½ a hard on. Girlfriend got hot and fanned herself and pulled me down the hall and into a spare room. She planted a wet kiss so wonderful on me as I felt her little tits in her ball gown. I thought she was going to faint as I held her up and pushed my dick into her clit as hard as I could. Now she was fainting, and had to kiss her back awake and lead her to the lady’s room. All the while I noticed sis watching from a distance and smiling right at me. She quickly went to the lady’s room and they were in there for a long time. They both made me so hot, because they were so hot themselves….whew….wife saw the whole thing and gave me a look like ‘having fun?‘ and I could see her thinking about getting even with them for cutting in on her man.


We all glowed the next day, trading feels and kisses among us all. Wife joked…’if I catch you two fucking without ME…I will make you both lick my vagina for one solid hour!’…as we all laughed….I said ‘you two have been getting orgasms as teen girls, now if I…catch you two getting it on without me I’ll make you guys suck me till I explode! ‘ we all laughed again.
Sister and wife grabbed me and fondled me good and both whispered..’ we decided to tell you we did a lot more as teen girls!, and you are gonna get so hot you will cum in your PANTS!!!’…and both grabbed my crouch to feel my already hard dick.

Those shits walked around all day in their nighties, singing and grinning, showing off peeks of their boobs and flashing me with pussy shots and giggling. I got wife off alone and said…’do you think we should tell her about W?’….she said out loud…’Oh my god..oh my got…oh my…and whispered that she would think…no…only tell her about at the right time…like when she is real loaded, because W is her brother-in-law! Wife’s eyes were wide open and she stared in the distance thinking of how sister would react. She whispered ..’ she’ll go nuts and I know it will make her so hornie because…she…oh my god’.

I said …’let me guess. She had ‘thoughts’ about W before’. Wife looked in shock and with a big smile. Nodded her head. I said …’oh shit, this is going to be a mega hot night to remember!’….Wife’ie reached down and felt her pussy and looked at me right in the eyes and whispered…’we may get her to eat my pussy yet!’, then held her hand to her mouth as that just slipped out. I said…’ I wonder if she has ever sucked a dick?’….’Ohhhh yes, she’s done that, because I walked in on her and my brother and….’ she suddenly stopped and looked me in the eyes and grinned…then whispered in my ear…’you didn’t hear me just say that..understand!!!!!’….with a panic look on her face…I agreed fully.
It was cool later to see them in the hallway giggling and feeling each other up, then going OH!!!! when I surprised them..and then scampering away like two naughty girls caught doing naughty stuff…lol. So, I knew now that their brother has done something with them, and I was dieing to know all about it.

During that day, I passed sister in the hall while wife was in the shower and stopped and said…’let’s don’t get caught, we don’t want to lick wife’ie for an hour!’…she got red in the face and stammered …’I…ah…and I saw that look of …’oh my’…at she must have got a case of the tingles in her vagina. I put my arm around her as she closed her eyes, I leaned back on the hallway wall and spread my legs and leaned her into me. I kissed her lips real soft like. As I did this she reached up to hold my face, and whispered..’(I want to make love to you alone)’…I whispered…’ we can arrange that, I want you bad!).’

With that we kissed real hot with tongues working our mouths, she started getting weak in the knees and grabbed on to me out of breath….she just had a orgasm and whispered…’oh my god..I just had a orgasm…oh…I want you so bad! ’I told her …’It was so hot and wonderful making love to you last night and it felt so good to be in you. I’ve wanted to make love to you for a long time, your so warm and sweet, I want a lot more of loving you.’ She now was breathing and gasping for air as I felt her vagina press against me as she quivered.
We broke it off as to not get caught by wife’ie and I saw her stagger away holding on to the wall and her vagina, looking for something to wipe her drippings with.

After her shower, wife’ie opened the back bathroom door to let the steam out. She just had on a towel. I had walked by sneaking a peek as I always did, and she played like she caught me and said..’ Oh you naughty boy, get in here!’… and told me Not…to say anything about her sister and brother playing around. She said she had walked in on them one time right as sister was sucking on his dick! She quick closed the door and nothing was said about it for a while.

A few days later, sister confided to wife’ie that she told brother the other girls laughed at her as she said she had never sucked one. Feeling left out, she asked brother what is was all about. He told her all about it and how it felt so good to a boy. Sister told him she had a desire to do that, but the guilt feelings kept her from doing it. Brother said …’that’s mom spreading bullshit to keep you girls from having good sex!..don’t you get it?’. Sister has never been to bright, and said ‘Oh’…so brother talked her into sucking on his dick to show her how to do it. When he moaned with great pleasure, sister was so pleased, she keep doing it whenever they were alone. Sister told wife’ie that brother started cuming in her mouth, which brought more great pleasure and love from brother! Now sister got hot just thinking about a dick cuming in her mouth and would swallow it all down to please the man….but….she got the idea that putting your mouth on a woman’s pussy was bad. Her hubby told her that shit, and that those dirty lesbos did that. He said this when a cute female friend of theirs told sister how hot it was in a threesome she had and how she would like to ‘do‘ sister.

Sister was dumb enough to tell ol hubby and he got jealous feeling like that woman was going to take away his wife. Wife’ie also said she would lick sisters vagina, but sister wouldn’t do her’s. Ever since, wife has tried to get her to do her, but nothing has worked until now. Wife told me as I was fucking sister, wife pushed her vagina up to sisters mouth and sisters eyes lit up and started to lick her, but then she and I started to cum together and she stopped. “I almost got her to do it…damn’..wife said.

I said I had a plan that would get wife the best lick from sister she ever had. Wife’s eyes went wide open and she said ..’I’ll do anything to get her to eat my pussy while I eat hers!, I’ve wanted this for so long now it’s an obsession with me!’. I dream of us going ’69’ and moaning with pleasure as we cum in each others face!, just because she won’t!!!!!, yet I lick her to super orgasm over and over!”

I asked: “How long has it been since you guy have done your stuff?”…wifely blushed and said: “ At her folks house in the middle of the night, they went in younger sisters bedroom and fucked each other with younger sister watching and masturbating watching them…

Wow I thought that was just two months ago! Now I was really hot for them. Their younger sister was real hot, a blond with a killer body but small tits, all of about 19.
I asked wife if she and brother ever did any ’naughty stuff’…she gleamed and said ..”Tonight, we’ll start with part one”….oh my I said I can’t wait this is making me so hot. She kissed me and reminded me that my ’hot’ stories have brought her immense pleasure for years, and now she get to pay me back more than just the little she had already told me. Her sister already had it planned out to tell me mega hot true stories of their adventures, even…..

“Oh….your not….”….the wife ran for the shower….