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NINA &CINDY obey their Master

2022-10-19 00:21:11

Nina Rogers was a tall married long legged, big titted stripper married to her cuckold second husband Ernie . Master Jack had just completed a rough sex session with his married cumslut,Jack was a 21 year old maledom & he just finished pissing all over Nina's face . after spanking,fisting , fucking Nina in all 3 of her holes ,& jizzing on her face. Nina hadn't seen Ernie in a couple of days due to her slave responsibilities & now she was showering because she was working the night shift at the strip joint . (Her daughter who had big natural tits unlike Nina who had fake ones , was 1 inch shorter than her mom. , practically identical looks wise , Cindy WAS A RED HEAD unlike Nina WHO WAS A BRUNETTE.) Nina left for work , Cindy would takeover her duties with Master Jack for the evening.

Cindy was getting viciously skull fucked it was a no mercy facefuck , much like her mom Nina,Cindy was just a cum/pissbucket to him. He had seen 25 year old Cindy at the mall ,4 months ago & he knew he had to have her . She kept her cunt bald , & Nina kept her cunt trimmed. Gagging on his prick Cindy wasn't as experienced a dicklicker as her mother Nina but Jack was training her. Cindy was also making his life easier because she was now bringing women over for her master. As he unloaded a massive load of jism down her throat & watched Cindy swallow his man dessert. Jack's mind reverted back to last week . When Cindy brought Joyce Evans back to his place , a sexy English woman , the grey-haired trophy wife, was 59 years of age & had cheated many times on her husband Charles over their 39 years of marriage, but it was not enough for Jack , for he made the more than willing slut into his cum slut . He started by having her ass lick Cindy while watched the still dressed UK whore , tongue the ass of a wench who was younger than her daughter. Wacking his dong , Jack decided to facefuck the old bitch while Cindy licked his man ass . Then Cindy went & got the lube & Jack proceeded to fuck Sonia up her shithole with his 10 inch dink . Sonia was a complete whore who had been fucked many times in her asshole so the only thing Jack enlarged was her anal gap . Master Jack had noticed that when he had first met Sonia she had a very sexy slutty wiggle to her walk, as Sonia received her first anal creampie from her new master,Cindy ate her master's man dessert out of the other woman's ass.

Monique Gomez was a sexy Colombian 50 year old stripper , who worked in the same club as Nina Rogers , Monique had long brown hair hair & long legs , at 5ft10 inches she was 2 inches taller than NIna . A kinky latina , she & Nina were 69ing after their shift had ended at the club. Jack had dropped by & they were performing for him in the back room while Master Jack was getting blown by the Korean import Jane Kim , a thin petite Asian with thick lips , Jane gave great head , she was 38 & married but only gave Jack head . her husband was a cuckold & knew his wife's lips were reserved for master's member.only she was a deepthroat artist. As both Monique & Nina reached orgasmic bliss , Jack gave Jane her dessert & told her to go home to her wimp hubby. She'd be called upon later.

Nina also left as Monique began to jerk her Master off and make him hard again.

Jack started fucking the spitfire in the backroom , Monique was ball gagged to silence her as Jack fucked the whore doggy style before he slammed his penis up her ass . He withdrew his dink out of her butt & came all over the latina's face. Afterwards Monique followed Jack to the washroom where she received a golden shower . They took a water shower together & cleaned up before Jack drove Monique home , where Monique gave her Master one last blowjob while they were parked in the driveway & her cuckold husband Jose watched from the behind the curtains in their living room.

Nina was collared, leashed & was wearing hooker boots , in the doggy style position , she was being strap on dildo fucked by her 25 year old daughter Cindy , Ernie was filming the taboo fucking for Master Jack. He loved seeing Nina & Cindy lezzing it out in their own home, screaming in pain & ecstasy Nina was now taking the 12 inch strap on up her ass . as Cindy spanked mom's fat ass . Ernie made sure to get a closeup as the filming continued. Cindy shoved her fist up her mom's cunt as she continued assfucking the old bag , Nina reached orgasmic bliss before both she & Cindy went to the washroom for their final scene .Nina knelt in the bathtub before Cindy urinated all over her mom's face afterwards Nina returned the favor & pissed on Cindy also


Jane Kim's mouth was full of Master Jack's dong as he watched the mother/daughter duo on video .Bobbing up & down the Korean slut was adept at giving head & soon Jack was hard as a rock .Today though Jack fucked the petite Married asian stripper in the missionary position til he gave her a massive load of jism . Jane love getting laid by her Master , her cuckold hubby had a small dick & she loved being stretched. She, Monique & Nina always giggled about how much they loved getting roughly fucked by Jacks schlong. She couldn't wait to tell them about her latest adventure when she went to work. The End