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"Could I Borrow Your Boyfriend?"

2022-05-14 00:00:03

“Could I Borrow your Boyfriend?”

* James watched his girlfriend Samantha or ‘Sam’ react to the pretty neighbor lady Angie’s advances to James. Sam and Angie were working out a ’deal’ behind his back. A ‘if you’ll do this, I’ll let you do that’ kind of a deal between them. Angie wanted Jim for affection and sex, Sam….well…. she wanted lots of things….


__If I heard her say that one more time, I wasn’t sure what I would do. ‘Can I borrow your boyfriend?’. It was time to work out a deal with her. I invited her over for morning coffee and started negotiations.

Angie lived across the street and her boyfriend was some big shot and almost never home. Right after we moved in, it didn’t take her long to figure out my ‘mister nice guy’ boyfriend would help her with any little problems requiring a man to do. Lifting, moving heavy things and helping her solving any little problems she might have….or create.

She was very pretty and had a killer figure with bigger tits than mine. She had all the qualities I kinda wish I had, except….she was came off as an ’air head’. Just what I wanted to manipulate and have her ‘give’ me what I wanted. The thoughts I began to have excited me.

We became ‘close’ friends in her mind and I had some desires come forth looking at her. I had never had a bi experience like other young girls did in our early teens. I was secretly ’very’, bi curious. Now, sitting in front of me was a sexy pretty girl willing to do ‘whatever’ to get to my boyfriend. I couldn’t resist this intimate opportunity.

I wanted to first get her sexually aroused about ’girls’, and then ’me’. I had some hidden urges I wanted to try and satisfy my curiosity’s. In return…I would leave her and Jim alone for 1 hour at a time. We now bargained for ’hours’ alone with Jim. She knew Jim didn’t know anything about this, and she would have to ’entice’ him to get what she wanted.

Our first ‘hour deal’ came when I ask her to come in our bedroom and try on some clothes of mine. I would get to see her with just bra and panties on that way. She smiled as she caught on to my ’female foreplay’ desires. She came close to my cheek and whispered in my ear: “One hour with Jim, for one hour with me ’available’ for your visual entertainment?”

She gave me chills as I nodded my head. My desires exploded with what the future might hold for me. I had never felt another woman in a sexual way. My cheek and ear were tingling with a new buzz I had never felt before.

She somehow knew I had never did this before, and let the way. She held my arm and led me in my bedroom. Jim was at work and I had time to do some ‘looking’. I picked out a dress I wanted to see her in and she smelled it and rubbed it on her face. She was teasing me sexually and it was working. I sat on the bed as she did a slow strip for me.

Damn I was excited over this. I watched her take her blouse off and then her shorts just as sexy as she could. Now it was just bra and panties on her. She felt her own body and her hands over her bra cups. I watched her take her bra off and drop it to the floor. She squeezed her tits and began to roll her nipples with her eyes closed. Oh my… she was so sexy looking as I started getting more wet.

I laid sideways on the bed with my hand over my pussy. She stood right in front of me and slowly pealed down her panties, and inch at a time. The words just came out of my mouth in a whisper: (“….damn…you’re a sexy woman.”)

She took her panties off and felt her blush in front of my face. She then lay down beside me face to face. She whispered: (“…I haven’t had any bi feelings since I was little. My little girlfriend and I just experimented to see what it felt like to feel each other. We did everything and once we had experimented, we moved on to boys.”)

I explained how I never got the chance to do that and I just had some curiosities I wanted to see about. She said she figured that and now in private we can do what ever we want. Let’s just do what ever comes to us this first time.

I said I wanted to just feel her tits some. She took my hand and put it on her tits. She started taking my shirt off and then my shorts as I felt her sweet big tits.

We pulled ourselves close to each other and now we were both extremely aroused. Her hand felt my tits and then she went for my pussy. We lifted one leg and felt our pussy’s. She smiled and said: “Wow, you are really wet, this is so hot. I know I’m wet too. This is not like when I was little at all.

That was our first encounter in bi curious foreplay. A few days later Angie wanted Jim to come over and look at her washing machine for some reason. I told Jim she was trying to get him in bed and to do it, but then tell me all the details.

He knew me to well.

He could tell I had some bi thoughts about her from the way I acted around her. He understood and said: “Ok, but you have to tell me about anything you do with Angie?….all the details. Deal?”

I was taken aback by his ability to discover my secret. Now we talked openly and he enjoyed watching me squirm as we talked about Angie’s hot body. I was just not use to this, but slowly he made me feel at ease and I let it all out. I told him about our little bedroom ‘foreplay’ and how aroused I got out of it. He said now I could ‘make up’ for no female contact when I was so curious as a young teen.

He had the advantage of me and whispered things like. (“…licking a pussy is so hot, I know, I’ve done it lots of times.”) I would of course get embarrassed and smack him on the arm and blush…but just the thought of that…. had me all fired up inside.

We talked in bed that night and he loved getting me all aroused talking about sucking on Angie’s tits, licking her pussy, feeling her hot body and having sex with a woman. All that talk was sure a turn on for our sex life. I now wanted sex with Angie bad.

Jim then got me really aroused saying ’imagine this’ and ’imagine that’ and what if she were here right now,…. naked…., what would you do to her?’ I was out of breath and squirming as he had me close my eyes and he began to feel my tits. I of course imagined it was her and I began to quietly moan. I couldn’t help but pretend it was her hands feeling me. He didn’t let up and began to feel my wet pussy. I let out more moans and then down he went. He acted like it was like the first pussy he had ever licked. Not bold and aggressive like him, but soft and sensuous.


I was so loving this and making her so aroused. I had noticed little things about her in the past. The way she looked at some women, little things when the subject of a bi girl was talked about. Sam was a pure ad/dc girl, but kept it all a secret in her mind. I was bringing it all out and it was a real turn on doing it.

I never told her about the twin sisters I use to fuck as a young teen. They were ac/dc and they thought they were using me to get cum in their pussy’s so they could lick each other later and get all turned on licking my cum out of each others pussy’s. Did I care?….hell no. I was fucking both of them and kept quiet about them being ad/dc.

Now to go and fuck that hot Angie who was maybe also ad/dc with her boyfriend always gone and she was getting no male or female sex at all.

I went over to Angie’s garage where she was looking at her washing machine. Damn she looked hot and sexy. She explained and then closed the big garage door. I stood by her and we talked quietly. I figured she had been waiting for this for a while now. A spontaneous move on my part would take her by surprise and we could get right to it.

I adjusted her washer and she threw her arms about my neck, kissed me on the cheek and thanked me. I quickly returned the hug but I kissed her on the lips. She began to quiver as I slowly dropped us into a big pile of clothes on the floor. She got instantly hot and panting. My hands went under her shirt for her big no bra tits. She gave a moaning sigh and spread her legs out. She was so ready for some male sex she was kissing all over my face. I jerked our shorts off and my hardon found her very wet pussy. She was twisting and moaning something as we began fucking hard. She wrapped her legs around me and fucked like the fuck starved girl she was.

I hadn’t fucked a girl this wild in my memory. What a great fuck she was with all the things a man likes. I was losing my mind as now we both moaned and dug deep for the cum I had for her. Her moans became louder, she was saying: “Cum in me! Oh god do it…Cum in me!” The slapping of our bodies together was so awesome added to it. I held her tight as she locked her shaking body to me and yelled out….I let go with best cum of my life, I pumped her hard and deep. She moaned loud and shook all over. We moaned together over and over. It felt like we were going to both black out. The world was spinning to me as I was enjoying this woman fucking me more. She acted like it was the last fuck she’d ever get. We were both trembling and squirming beyond our wildest dreams. I collapsed on her as a spend man. She just moaned and twitched as I fell to a twilight sleep of some kind……


I told Sam…sleepover tonight here. Angie will be here after dark. She took a big breath and her eyes went to wide open. I said all three of in our bed, and you and Angie can have the full sex you both want. She sat down abruptly on our bed. I watched and excited smile come over her face as she stared into space.

At 10pm Angie showed up in her beautiful pure white robe. Sam was in a sexy little nightie. They walked arm and arm to our bedroom. I watched them slowly undress each other. They stood and pressed their bodies together. They took their time and felt each other all over. They kissed each others necks and licked their faces. They slowly got into bed all hugged tight together. Sam got on top of Angie and started kissing her tit’s as Angie sighed and made those sounds a sexually turned on woman makes.

I leaned over to them and whispered: (“…I have to go to work in the morning girls, so please continue.”) They both kissed me and continued. I rolled over and tried to go to sleep.

It’s great to listen to, and feel the bed move to two hot women having full sex with each other. I just let them have at it, all they wanted to…..

I didn’t get any sleep that glorious night. Later they woke me up and made me fuck both of them until morning.


My boss said: “Damn Jim, you look tired. Did you sleep ok?” I smiled and said:

“I feel just fine….”